is honesty the best policy?

When you pick up a sex worker, you are picking up the embodiment of a fantasy you have. Right?

That seems to be the general consensus, but I actually disagree to a certain extent. Ok, ok, not that anyone will be surprised to hear this from the girl who brought you blogs about everything from how I'm not generally lounging about in lingerie waiting for your call to male privilege to how clients can affect the worker they see- both positive and negative. You've read about breakups that crushed my heart, the death of my beloved cat, going to Burning Man and sexy parties. I haven't pulled punches on my thoughts about sissification, rescuers, Gor, and even polyamory. My blog is a personal one, I just link it to my professional sites. You get the Real Kitty Stryker in these words. If that's your fantasy, fantastic! But I'm not just writing smut in the interest of getting more work (that said, I'm thinking I might post more smut...). I post about the things I care about.

It was mentioned to me, and it wasn't the first time, that perhaps the fact that in this blog I wear my heart on my sleeve gets in the way of bookings. Maybe clients see, say, my post on my struggles with poly and see me as an emotional girl dealing with a lot of crap and they don't book because of that. It's possible. It's the risk I run. But I don't think most of my clients book me because they want a sexy chick to fuck them in the ass. I think they tend to actually like me, and the intimacy I'm willing to offer, the fact that I am, in fact, a Real Girl and I'm not acting out a part.

I like to think, at least, that the people I meet want someone who truly enjoys kink and sex, and loves her work. Someone who will say "no, that won't make me cum, but try this instead". Someone who will teach them, guide them, who will allow for a mutually enjoyable encounter instead of a playacted one. I feel like they come to me for the experience, not as a hole to stick their cock in. And from the number of conversations I've had with clients, I think they like that I'm opinionated and will say what I think.

But I don't know. Am I missing out on clients because I'm so honest and upfront? Is it an attracting factor, or does it scare people away? I'm not sure. It's an interesting question, and one to think about for sure...

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