I'll Huff and I'll Puff and I'll Blow Your Misconceptions About Sex Work Right Down!

In case you're hiding under a rock, you'll know that I am now writing for the Huffington Post, mainly about sex worker rights. It started with a piece on sex workers and freedom, both in the Wild West and now on the Internet (619 comments!)- then there was a piece on sex work stigmas and how frustrating it is to be continually told your voice is invalid. I'm fascinated that the first one, posted in the "women" section, has been hosting comments far more rabid and rude to me than the second, which is hosted on "gay voices". As a queer sex worker, too, it feels validating to be up there under "gay voices".

On that note, I also got to shoot for Courtney Trouble and NoFauxxx.com! We did two sets really, one that was a little more femme and fashion-y, and the other was a butchy femme jerk-off scene with my Rodeoh harness and vamp cock. The teaser photo is the one shown here- I can't wait to see the rest! In the meantime, you can check out some of the scenes from Cum & Glitter, which are now on No Fauxxx's site... oh yeah, and the next Cum & Glitter, I'll be performing with the megahot Miss Poppy Cox of Bike Smut infamy, so you may wanna keep an eye out for tickets!

I also got a copy of the book "Stretched" which has a hot story I wrote about a chance encounter with a stranger on a train that turned into a hot elevator encounter... it's actually a true story, too! It's also sort of the beginning of the story of getting my first strap on harness and cock. Oh, and look at me now, eh? Kristina Lloyd also has an amazing story in "Stretched" that made me shiver. It also has a sexy man on the cover along with a woman, FINALLY. Check it out!

I'm moving to my new flat next week and away from Grandma, which I'm excited and nervous about. Getting all new apartment stuff is stressful even as it's kind of fun to do. Plus I want to start planning more Consent Culture workshops across the US and that takes monies! If you're able to donate to my fund (purrversatility at gmail via paypal), I'd be super appreciative- I'm getting back into the work rhythm but it takes a little time to rev up.

Another reason I'm hoping for a financial pick-me-up is because my parents have given me their old car- which is out in Massachusetts. This means road trip across the US with the car (and my boyfriend, and possibly my mother)- awesome fun, and yay, car, and finally freedom from using grandma's car all the time, but also... I've been working so hard on activism (I've been elected to the board of SWOP Bay) and traveling to present CC that I've been cobbling together an existence via a hope and a prayer. So donations or job leads in the Bay would be totally rockin' so I can move on away from grandma's toxicity into a safer, more stable place. I've had a few friends donate already (and thank you so much for that!).

So, exciting new things, for sure! I just hope I can keep up with them all!

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