Holiday Gift Guide 2: Holiday Harlots

I'm a bit of a hedonist. I mean, I was a founding member of Kinky Salon London, I've been on TV as a sex worker extraordinaire (snort), I'm an Erotic Award Winner for my Ladies High Tea and Pornography Society. 
So when it comes to me figuring out presents for close friends and lovers, I generally think of the world I know- sex toys, books, and porn from the local Good Vibrations. And hey, why not? All those things make great presents, over and over again! Here's some of my top suggestions.

Quality Sex Toys at Good Vibrations - GoodVibes.com

For your partner on the quest for the G Spot: the Gigi Vibe

So I got lucky and won a Gigi from Good Vibrations during their Vibrate the Vote campaign. Trust me, you want one of these around your bed.

It's rechargeable, which is really nice. It's got multiple speeds and settings- I really liked the most intense, steady vibration. I didn't find the buttons too hard to control, even with my fingers a bit slippery.

But what makes this toy amazing, and THE toy for anyone in your life looking for the big G, is how it feels inside. OMG. I don't squirt terribly easily but this toy was an automatic gush machine. WINNER. But bring a towel!

Quality Sex Toys at Good Vibrations - GoodVibes.com

For the Queer Vintage Smut Lover: Bordello

I'm going to have to admit. I only saw snippets of this porn, because it was so hot that it encouraged me and the pretty boy I was with to, erm, get busy. So I can't give you my usual play by play.

What I CAN tell you is that the cast is totally hot, the sex is cock- or clit-hardening, and I loved watching the stars using potential murder weapons to get themselves and each other off. How great is that? April Flores, Billy Castro, James Darling, Tina Horn, Akira Raine..! It's excellent, it's queer, and it has just enough of a plot to be fun, not dragged down by it. If Bordello isn't necessarily to your taste, try "Speakeasy", another production by the same director, reviewed here.

Quality Sex Toys at Good Vibrations - GoodVibes.com

For the Not-So-Vanilla Friend, or the Lover you Wish to Tempt: the Indulgence Kit

With an excellent, strong, pretty and discreet rechargeable vibrator (the Nea), a purple silk blindfold, and an Ambiance massage candle, this kit promises sensual, delicately kinky pleasures.

The massage candle offers an enjoyable warm soy wax that melts into a massage oil to spread on the skin, while allowing you to sample wax play. The blindfold is a soft way to introduce sensory deprivation into your play... and the vibrator? I'm sure you can find a use for that.

Quality Sex Toys at Good Vibrations - GoodVibes.com

For the Hippie/Burner in Your Life: Earth Angel Hand-Powered Vibrator

We all know that horrible feeling- you're mid-wank, getting so...close...to...cumming... when your vibrator betrays you and gives up the ghost. Now you need to stop everything and dig out batteries, or plug it in for an hour. By the time everything's set again, you've lost interest. Or you're out at Burning Man and just don't want to bring a lot of disposable MOOP-y batteries... or a generator just so you can get off. What to do?

Never fear! This vibrator is like those windable flashlights, except it's a pretty intense toy. Mmmm. Perfect for that barefoot tree hugger in your life- or someone who can never seem to find those double As!

Quality Sex Toys at Good Vibrations - GoodVibes.com

For the Shy Stripper, or the Tongue Tied Dirty Talker: Exhibitionism for the Shy

I have the original copy of this book and I think it's fantastic. The new version has a foreword by Nina Hartley, along with new interviews including Margaret Cho, Audacia Ray, and Violet Blue. 

With Carol Queen's inimitable voice calmly guiding the reader through all sorts of things, from verbal filth to sex parties, even the shyest of exhibitionists will feel safer and more comfortable. 

This should give you a little sampling of ideas: also check out my other gift guides- Hard To Shop For and Stuff Your Stocking. Or, if you need help, comment on my blog and let my Present Ninja skillz work for you!

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