Gift Guide 3: Wanderlust

I'm a traveler. With one foot in San Francisco and one in London, I'm always on the move, never quite settled down, my purse always having a few condoms, some travel packets of lube and maybe a tiny vibrator... just in case. Tis the season for flying and driving to see family and friends... here's some gifts for those in your life with a bit of wanderlust.

For the Femme Who Can't Choose: 6 Wanderlust Imps' Ears from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

How wonderful is Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab- enchanting scents to please all sorts of people, from bookworms to steampunks, Cthulhu worshippers to adventurers. But one of the best ideas, I think, is to shop their Wanderlust collection for places your gift recipient has gone or wants to go- they can get sent 6 imps' ears, mini samples, for $22- a steal, considering these are high quality perfume oils- a dab goes a long way.

And yes, for those dandies out there, most of their scents are unisex in nature- perfect for lightly scenting their handkerchief for the next lovely lady to cross their path.

For the Victorian Time Traveler Flying by Balloon: The Leather Passport Holder and Purse

The leather case is lovely, and makes it easier to find their passport in a bag full of knick knacks from travels abroad... and in the past or future.

Sturdy, a leather cover will keep their information safe from a brush with flame, the teeth of wild animals, or the experiments of an evil scientist.

For the Sleep Deprived Air Traveler: "On Cloud Nine" Eyemask

It's difficult to sleep on a plane- somewhat cramped spaces, people chatting, kids crying. Depending on their airline, your friend might have things to watch, but sometimes they just need to get a good night's sleep.

Well, a mask like this may allow them to slumber in style. Made of silk, these masks also work excellently as blindfolds for gentle sensory deprivation scenes. There's many styles to choose from, I just found this one rather clever!

Quality Sex Toys at Good Vibrations - GoodVibes.com

For the Friend Who Works Too Hard: The Sensual Sampler

With so many possibilities for massage, kissing, and licking in this kit, they'll be hard-pressed to decide which to do first! It's hard to get a workaholic to relax, no matter what you do. With 2 mini Rub Me massage bars, 1 Smooch Me lip lube, a 1oz Ignite Me massage candle, 1 .5oz Knead Me massage lotion, 1 .5oz Devour Me lickable oil, 1 .5oz Touch Me massage oil, and finally, 1 Lust Dust edible body powder, they'll be able to put their work behind and melt into a sensual experience, all fingers, tongues and lips.

One of the best things about this kit is that all the products are appropriately travel sized, so they don't have to worry about repackaging- perfect for the person on the go.

For the Friend who Hates Souvenirs: The London Skyline Acrylic Necklace

I love traveling but never want to gather up kitsch to take home (not entirely true, actually- I did take home a woman-shaped bottle full of vodka from Poland, but I digress). This Etsy shop not only has the London skyline, but LA, Chicago, NYC, San Francisco, Paris, Sydney...
Hip, crisp, and definitely original.

For the Carbon-Conscious Friend who Can't Give Up Twitter: The Ecobutton

This little gadget plugs into their USB port- every time they walk away from their desk, they can tap the button. The gadget makes sure their tech draws in as little power as possible.

Even better, they can feel self-righteous when they return to see how many carbon units they've saved through using this device- the software lets you know each time. Nifty!

Quality Sex Toys at Good Vibrations - GoodVibes.com

For the Friend Who Wanks in Airplane Bathrooms... Or More: The Mile High Club

Yes, a whole book devoted to sex in airplanes! How delicious. From VIP passengers to people making air travel commutes, this books covers all sorts of steamy encounters that happen in the air.

If your friend is the sort of person who enjoys the thrill of getting dirty under the regulation blankets, this book may be for them. There's perverted pilots and sultry stewardesses, all making their own entertainment while in the air.

Hey, in-flight movies aren't always enough, am I right?

With a collection of gifts like these, your traveling friends will remember you fondly, wherever they go!

Remember, Good Vibrations is offering free shipping on orders over $50 til Dec 16th: they also have lots of gift guides for you to check out, so click below to start browsing!

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