hey you guys!


I'm not dead. Really. I've just been crazy busy getting ready for That Thing in the Desert, costuming, getting supplies, and having fucking great times in the meantime.
Like, you know how awesome it can be when you have a threesome with someone you've been kinda aching to play with? And you know how awesome it is when someone else you like playing with joins in with their hot partner? And then someone ELSE cute tags along for the ride? And there's giggling and moaning to mashups in the background?
What do you mean you haven't had that experience before?
Ok, ok, so I'm bragging a little. But ffs, I've been completely frigid the past couple months and am just starting to thaw, so this was a big deal, and as it went amazingly well, now I find myself cruising everywhere I go. So, yay for that.
I have some porn to review in the next few days, along with an upcoming post on "would sex work ever be eradicated... and should it?" And I'll babble about Burning Man, cause, well, I want to join the crowd.
I haven't worked once since I've been here. I haven't been trying terribly hard, granted, cause I've been not feeling it, and it's a cycle thing- you don't feel it, so you don't, and you don't get that spark from it, so you don't do it, etc. But I can feel my toppy side coming out of hibernation, and I've been thoroughly enjoying the face-slapping spanking fun with Mono, so hopefully soon I'll have some interesting tales.
Oh, also? My hair is now pink.

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