god save the queens

Thank the GODS, I'm back in the UK, comfy and safe in London with my lovers and my toy bag. It feels like the promised land after Krakow, a place with seedy sex shops, Catholics, and undercover gay men.

I think the trip to Amsterdam I went on for a few days before coming back (in case I had to try to sneak in on the ferry- luckily I got my visa) was just what I needed. I was there for Pride, which was glorious in a lot of ways, though rainy. The canal float parade was brilliant and beautiful, a lot of fun, and we had some great seats. Plus the hotel we were in was lovely, the bikes we rented were smooth, and the ferry ride home was amazing- my boyfriend got us the comfort class so we had a bed big enough to snuggle on and a window. I was thrilled.

I will say I found a month's worth of bitch to unload on him though. I think it's all that energy I normally get out of my system with sessions, just dwelling within me, waiting for its moment. Poor guy. We did work shit out and things are ok again, but I was just going MAD for some time there. Climbing the walls in my own skull. Now, I just need a boy to beat and I'll be A-OK.

I'm sure I'll write more later, but man oh man, is it time for dinner!

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