Christmas Photos: 2010

I love the holidays. I love them so much, I do a yearly holiday shoot- this is the third year running, in fact! 

I try to do something different every year.

The first year, I just did a holiday pinup shoot, an example of which is here- red and white lingerie, tinsel as a boa, suggestive mistletoe placement, wrapping my lover-at-the-time's cock in the tinsel for some cocksucking photos. I remember giggling that he used the tinsel to decorate his room for the holidays afterwards. I wore my Christmas collar, too.

It was cute, and good fun, but not very well executed. The holiday hints were there, but the lighting wasn't that great. Still, I have to say- having photos taken by someone who finds you attractive makes a lot of difference in how those photos look!

So, the next year, I was in California.

I was bored, Grandma had left, and suddenly I thought "photo shoot!" So I posted on Twitter, asking if someone would be available to do a holiday photo shoot with me. I got two offers- the delicious Brody, who took these awesome photos of me, and the lovely Benjy Feen, who I knew as a part of my community. Benjy could come over the next day, so we scheduled- then I freaked out. What to wear??

Obviously, a reindeer outfit.

The reindeer shoot ended up being pretty popular, which makes me giggle. I loved doing it! The makeup came across really well, and the antlers were perfect.

Having the holiday photos done by a professional made a huge difference. The lighting is quite obviously better, for a start. Benjy was a joy to work with, too having done fetish modeling before, I'm pretty aware of how some photographers push boundaries, and I've always felt comfortable working with Benjy. I think that comes across, too- I have a lot of fun and creative input, and the photos look fabulous because of it!

Plus, I have a long standing love of ponyplay- so reindeer play seemed like it was an obvious choice for the holidays. Hooray for reindeer games!

So this year, I wanted to continue the tradition. Luckily, Benjy was available- and this time, I had a special prize- my boy. So, I decided I wanted to do a shoot that was suitably couple-y without being trite...

Can you say "O Christmas Tree"? ::grin::

He looks pretty as a tree, no?

Getting the topper on was really, really hard! And the piercings were fun- first time we've played with needles together. I love the whore red lipstick, and holding the snowflake between his lips!

He's such a sweet boy. I love that, pretty much whatever I ask, he's up for it. ;)

I will say, though- Christmas bulbs need to be small and light, if using them for decorating a boy via needles. I sterilized the hooks before hanging them off of the needles, but definitely be careful! I think if I were doing this again I'd pierce at a slant for better resistance to the pulling down of the bulbs.

Also, say yes to tinsel shibari.

Without further ado, here's a selection of the unedited photos Benjy took.

Happy Holidays!

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