Analyze This! Questions Posed Via Google Searches

I get a lot of interesting searches that lead to my blog, some of which ask questions, some of which seek advice. While some of these are really silly, others are heartwrenching and make me want to reach out.

Soooooo I'd like to start seeing what I can respond to in my blog, to answer some of the queries, offer support and guidance, and maybe teach readers something new! 

"kitty stryker weight"

I fluctuate between 240 and 280 lbs. It depends a lot on my activity (it's been going down with the wrestling and the active fucking) and if I'm eating (the less I eat, the more I gain) but it seems to settle in that range comfortably.

"kitty stryker porn movies"

If you're looking for my porn, check out my profile on QueerPorn.TV, Indie Porn Revolution, and CrashPad Series! DVD wise, I'm on Lesbian Curves 1, Lesbian Curves 2: Hard Femme, Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls and Strap Ons, Scale Bustin' Babes 47, and I make an appearance in the upcoming porn feature Fucking Mystic, starring Chelsea Poe. I'm also on Padded Kink and Pampered Penny (somewhere in like, 2011).

Keep an eye out for me in Purgatory for GodsGirls, with voting beginning September 29th!

"is there such thing as a butt fetish?"

Yes, there is, and it's called pygophilia! It's considered a form of partialism, where the person fetishizes a specific body part. Different places are attracted to different kinds of butts- in Brazil, large, round butts are popular, while in Japan they're considered vulgar.

"the best sex position for my bbw wife"/"sex positions with bbw"/"fat girl fucking tips"

I'm really, really glad you came to me to ask.  The first thing that came up when i searched for "BBW Sex Positions" was a "satirical" piece by some asshole Matt Forney, and it's insulting, filled with fatphobic lies about BBW health and what's possible, and is otherwise repulsive. But then what do I expect from a guy who has a piece on crushing a woman's self esteem. Other things I found include multiple positions with the penetrated partner on their knees, which can be painful, or involve a flexibility that most *people* don't have, wether overweight or not!

Here's some actual advice, then.

First of all, go for positions that feel comfortable for you and your partner! That should seem obvious, but often isn't. Personally I love missionary position sex, as I'm reasonably flexible and having my legs over my lover's shoulders or spread wide on either side of them feels good for me. I find that being fucked from behind is hot conceptually more than in practice for me, as it puts more strain on my knees than I like. I also really enjoy this position (which I'm struggling to describe in any way other than "scissoring with penetration").

And try those positions again after a few months- I always thought woman-on-top was uncomfortable for me, but with one of my lovers I discovered it could be quite hot and didn't make my knees feel as strained as I remembered.

I did some videos on this topic which you can find on Passionate U, and I wrote a piece called "Fuck Me I'm Fat: A Hot Guide to Fat Sex" which you may want to check out.

"how fat girls have great sex"

That should be partially addressed by the above. ;)

Communication is key for great sex for everyone. That said, I think especially when you're fat you can feel reluctant to tell your lover that you have a a leg cramp, or that your knees are hurting, or that actually when they put you in that position your belly is uncomfortably squished. There's pressure to perform, and fear that if you don't you'll be rejected. But when you don't tell your partner you're uncomfortable, you're unlikely to enjoy the sex you're having, which may make you less inclined to try it again! Talk to them and find some great common ground so you can have hot sex you both get off on. It also helps when you let them know what you like, and what you don't like, via moans, moving their hands to places you want touched (or away from places you don't want touched), and dirty talk.

I also personally find my confidence goes up when I'm wearing sexy lingerie, or when we have a hot scene planned where my clothes get ripped off. The best sex I have is when we both really love making out, when I feel safe in my naked body around my lover, and when I can comfortably tell them what I'm in the mood for.

Additionally, hydration helps with  great sex (and cuts down on cramps)!

"i want hot hot porn sex of fat people"

Check out Aiden Starr's Curvy Casting Couch, the Lesbian Curves series, Betty Blac, Karla Lane, April Flores, Courtney Trouble (not just them, but the porn they film, too) and CrashPad Series for a start!

That said, it's hard to find good porn that shows fat people having hot sex and enjoying it. A lot of companies won't shoot fat performers, and if they do, they tend to highlight humiliation over pleasure. BBW bodies in particular are often fetishized, called names, and treated like individual body parts (breasts and asses, mostly). It's not pretty. Clips4Sale is a possibility, though understand you may have to dig for quality content that doesn't focus on fat shaming on some level. A lot of the content out there is feeder/feedee type stuff, but if you tread carefully there are some hot stores. Buy a smaller sample before dropping a lot of cash on a particular model to see if you like their style.

"which tenga is the best"

I have to say being my lover often involves toy testing, and the dicks in my life prefer the Tenga 3D Sleeves above all others. The Spiral has been a runaway hit. It's easy to clean, reusable, not terribly pricey, and looks kinda cool.

Til next time!



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