undead dreams

I had a dream last night. It had zombies in it (not surprising, as I had watched "The Walking Dead" last night) but it also wasn't scary at all. It was less "oh god what're we going to do" and more "right, let's get on with it". In my dream, I had been holed with with the boy somewhere, but we realized we needed to move somewhere with more people so we could pool our resources. We decided to pack light, and he would go back and get more supplies if needed. I remember I was going through my clothes and deciding that maybe funny teeshirts about zombies wouldn't be appropriate for the occasion (sorry Living Dead Girlz).

It was all very sensible, with occasional anxiety when we had to fight some on our way to a big house. There were other people there, a mix of folk from 15 to 70 or so... in my dream I knew sign language, which was important as one of the girls was deaf. My mum was in my dream, hanging out with some undead rights activists (lots of dreads- reminded me of Terry Pratchett's Reaper Man) and I kissed her cheek and let her know where we were in case she decided she wanted out. One of my high school friends had been bitten and we had a sad goodbye before she wandered off away from the houses. The boy decided he needed to get some other stuff and disappeared- most of my dream he wasn't there, and while I wasn't afraid for his safety, I definitely felt kind of sad and like maybe he had moved on without me. But, I didn't have time (in my dream) to be too upset over him leaving, as we had to organize a sleeping schedule and find weapons in the abandoned house in case zombies invaded the place.

I woke up feeling left behind, but also determined to go my own way and pave my own path. I'm sure this is related to him not being able to call, email, or chat online for a while, and in my sensible brain I know it was just a dream and not reflective of reality. But wow, how it made me want to avoid him! It's weird how that stuff works. I know it wasn't REAL but it felt real enough to feel like I need a bit of a cry and a cuddle.

Anyway, I'm fed, and on the train back to London with some cider for company. I'm undecided if I want to go back to the John Snow tonight for the Kiss-In- I think it'll depend on how I feel. The one today is a bit earlier, and as I get into London around 4 I'm going to guess I won't feel up to it. I'm looking forward to Bootie London this weekend, and Easter, where I'll be tucked away from London for a peaceful weekend of not having to think very much. Definitely a plan for an unsettled mind...

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