the boy who cried fabulous

So there's one thing I actually really like about the adult baby thing. And this paddle is one of those things. I have one, in brown.

Anyway, the real plus is I can make believe that I'm raising the gayest, most environmentally friendly child known to humankind.

In a way, I'm starting to appreciate that I can pick children's books, colouring supplies, and movies based on what I'd want to have for a kid, and know that my boyfriend will actually appreciate it, unlike the child I might eventually have, who will probably roll their eyes at recycled drawing paper and books about Heather's two mommies. I am certain that the result of my spawning would be a heterosexual sporty male, and what on earth would I do with that..?

I did give the storytime with him a go, and it wasn't bad. It was actually kind of sweet. He called me "Daddy", which I was slightly taken aback by as I was really fully femme, but it seemed to fit well. Sleeping together with him in that headspace was odd, though, as I felt I couldn't snuggle him and kiss him the way I normally would in a half-awake state. I still feel like I need a finite end time to these interactions so I know how to behave and when.

Still feeling strange about the fact I'm more comfortable with ageplay when there's some sort of shady taboo sexual play involved. I suspect I am a deeply disturbed person.

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