Some Excellent Gift Guides via Good Vibrations!

Good Vibrations has put together some fabulous gift guides for some last minute shopping: I'm going to give you a few highlights from each!

From the Green Sex Gift Guide:

This Romp plug is just gorgeous. It's made of wood, which means this will warm beautifully to the body, and the shape means it'll be super comfortable for long term use.

The wood is a sustainably harvested exotic hardwood, and it has a hypo-allergenic coating to make this non-porous and appropriate for use with any type of lubricant.

This would make a fabulous gift for the ecosexual in your life- some people hug trees, others do a little bit more, right? The shape, too, is subtle enough that you could easily display this as art and no one would be the wiser.

I LOVE Sir Richard condoms! Love them so much!

First of all, they're the best fitting condoms on the boy that we've ever found. Ever. They have a really nice trendy package, they're thin without breaking, and they come in multiple types- textured, extra large, and classic.

But even better- for each condom sold, Sir Richard donates a condom to a developing country! And even better than that- when they make a donation, they create an entirely new brand to ensure that they're seen as culturally relevant, which has such an amazing awareness of how important marketing can be for safer sex outreach.

Perfect for the activist in your life!

From the Sexy Gifts for the Gal Who Has It All Guide:

You probably recognize this little beauty from the review I did of it a couple weeks back with the boy- man, this is a sexy toy for mutual masturbation, and it's got so many uses to keep you interested! The boy loves it quite a bit, as you'll see if you check out the review.

It's the Lyla waterproof remote controlled vibrator, and it's one hell of a present for pretty much anyone in your life. Even my mother commented on how beautifully it was presented and how nice the design was!

I'd recommend this particularly for couples who enjoy a little mutual vibration, or to use on one partner who's tied up (as both parts vibrate), or possible for use out and about at a party...?

When I saw these delicate feather cuffs, I thought they were the prettiest things. not meant for serious bondage, of course, but I could imagine them being an accessory on a service submissive at a party, or as a sensuous method to keep your lover's hands bound while you kiss and lick their skin.

They're more like bracelets than like cuffs, so keep that in mind. That said, because they've so jewelry-like, that might make them feel like a fun flirty extra to your sex life, without feeling intimidated by all the leather and chains.

I'd recommend these to people who love costume parties, romantic sexual adventuring, and those who like to see high femme accessories on their submissive lovers.

From the Sexy Queer Gift Guide:

When I heard about Doing it Ourselves- the Trans Women Porn Project  I cheered. Felt like it was about time, and it had taken long enough!

It frustrates me sometimes that while transmen are being seen positively more and more often in queer porn, trans women are often still relegated to "chicks with dicks" or other horribly offensive themes. It's great to see some work being done to combat that tendency, even if they did have to do it themselves to make it happen.

This would be a great gift for anyone who enjoys good, homemade queer pornography.

Additionally, transmen of colour have been sadly lacking in material about transmasculinities- there are a lot of intersections relating to being a transman and a man of colour. Finding the guide "Freeing Ourselves: A guide to Health and Self Love for Brown Bois" therefore, was also incredibly pleasing!

While this book covers issues about transitioning, it also covers mental health, surviving sexual abuse, parenting, working out, tips for underage transmen, and whole body health advice. It's illustrated, as well.

This might be a good gift for anyone thinking about transmasculinities, whether it be personal exploration and discovery or to give a friend or loved one more information.

Happy Holidays, Good Vibes!

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