Safe/Ward Workshop Tonight!

This presentation is for community members and leaders looking to understand and address sexual, physical, and emotional abuse within communities that practice BDSM. By striving to create a comprehensive workshop on how to recognize and address abuse within the BDSM community, we hope to help create a safe space for WIITWD. This works
hop will incorporate roleplays as well as brainstorming- be ready to participate!

By actively taking a stand against abusive behaviors we can act to reduce the frequency of predatory actions.

Discussion points:

-what does community mean, and how does that confer responsibility
-why “but they weren’t part of the community” is dangerous
-don’t assume- issues of gender and orientation
-discussing negotiation and consent, both personal and public parties
-telling someone vs telling on someone
-how to recognize abuse
-the subtlety of abuse
-how to speak to an abuse victim
-understanding and recognizing trauma responses
-the importance of training DMs/hosts about handling abuse
-creating safe space to speak up
-how to confront an accused abuser- it’s the behavior not the person
-yellow cards vs red cards
-acknowledging positive behaviors
-where the law stands
-providing support and education, with a focus on “don’t abuse”, not “don’t get abused”
-resources to have in playspaces

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