Review:Original Plumbing "Schooled"

I'm delighted that Original Plumbing exists and that Babeland sent it to me. A magazine devoted to trans male culture, sexuality, and experience, OP has the feel of a 'zine that knows where it's going and who it's audience is... and it nails those things. I really appreciate that sexuality is part of the magazine without being a focus, leading to it not feeling fetishistic (to me at least), while also providing some eye candy for people like me who check these guys out. 

There's showcasing of photography and writing- the issue I got was a school theme, which was kinda sexy and kind of sad. Reading about these guys and the experience they had in school was heartbreaking sometimes. Still, I can see OP as being a fabulous resource for someone considering their identity or wanting to feel the diversity within the trans male community. I liked reading about the variety of experience, reading interviews, and the poetry was moving. It's about 47 pages long, and then a bunch of advertising (which is good, that they're getting ad support!)

The photos were really well done. They had school themed pictures with blurbs about each model's school experience. I liked that OP definitely manages to get diversity- POC are in here and not just tokenized, and there's different body types and levels/expressions of masculinity.

I look forward to reading more of these and getting a feel for what OP is doing. This issue felt very slice-of-life, which was quite cool- I'm curious to see what the fashion and green issues are like, how they address various issues, and what else they cover. 

Thanks Babeland for sending me a copy of Original Plumbing to check out in exchange for an honest review!

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