Review: Vibrating Pleasure Pump

I love suction on my clit. Love it SO MUCH. The feeling when my boy sucks on my clit like it's a little cock is just the nicest, toe-curling, shoulder-shivering feeling. And I used to have a toy, years ago, that simulated that sucking feeling while vibrating, so when I got to try out the Vibrating Pleasure Pump from Good Vibrations, I was really excited!

It wasn't all I hoped for. I'll admit it.

The suction just didn't stick and wasn't as intense as I had hoped- I think the problem is that the pump mechanism is not tight enough, maybe? I had to keep pumping the bulb to get the suction back to the way I liked it. And then the vibration was a little too... buzz-y for me. I recently explained to my grandma, "some vibrators are like bees, bzzzzzz, and some are like jackhammers, BZBZBZBZBZBZ". I like the jackhammers, generally, myself. ::grin::

I'm curious to see how this will work for the boy, though, because the suction end might feel really nice against the head of his cock. The toy comes with two options for attachments- one has little fingers in it, so you get extra vibration, and one doesn't. I'm imagining this could make for some fun teasing, esp if the boy is mummified and can't escape...

So, if you want to experiment with suction, this would be a good starter product. You're not going to injure yourself with it like you can with the more hardcore suction toys. The little bit of vibration would be fun for someone with a sensitive clit! I just have to practically beat mine up in order to get off. I did enjoy this for some foreplay, though, it was a nice tease.

I'll post an addendum when the boy comes for a visit. ;)

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