Review: Two

Toys that seem kind of like a novelty are my thing. Totally. If it looks cartoonish or kind of absurd, I would be all over it. That's how I end up reviewing a lot of toys on my blog in fact!

But I had never encountered something like the Two from Babeland, which looks like a crazy alien fingerpuppet. However, it's a really interesting concept, so I wanted to share a little bit about how it came to be.

The developers/inventors, two lesbian-identified French women, wanted to create a toy that represented a non-phallocentric toy- a toy that would instead mimic the fingers that many women enjoy using on each other. Especially as some women may be triggered by penis-shaped objects, or just not feel turned on by them, it's nice to have an option for those women for a penetrative toy with a lot of control. Clever thing, that!

The Two is like a mixture of a penetrative toy and a sheath to extend your reach. Made out of silicone, it transmits heat and sensation well so you can feel your lover's orgasm. It could also be useful if you have a disability or issues with dexterity in your fingers, as this can help you stimulate her cunt with a good angle and solid pressure without straining.

I probably wouldn't use this for anal play simply because I have small fingers, and while it's pretty snug I worry it might slip off- no base means possibility of it disappearing! However, for G-spot stimulation the Two would be ideal- I gave it a try and squirted all over the place so I'd say that's a good selling point.

As this toy is silicone, the usual rules apply- wash it by boiling, top rack of the dishwasher or toy wipes, and don't use silicone lubricant with it. The material should be body-safe and sterile if you take proper care of it, so you can, if you so choose, share this toy. You can also use a condom over it for easy cleanup if you so choose, or you could use it as a sleeve for a slimline vibe for a totally different sensation!

I don't know if I will use the Two that often personally, though I will if I want to do G-spot stimulation on my own as it gives me the extra reach I need to go deep. But I'm glad to have it in my toybag for when I encounter a girl who struggles with dildo-shaped toys.

Thank you Babeland for letting me have this toy in exchange for an honest review!

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