Review: The XL Hippocampus from Exotic Erotics

I've always loved creatures of the sea- mermaids, selkies, krakens, and of course the hippocampus, which is basically a merhorse. So finding a sex toy from Exotic Erotics that mimics this mythological beast was incredibly exciting to me, as well as being perfect timing to be one of the toys I used with Ned on Fisting Day to prepare me for his hand!

As you can see he's laughing, I think at the absurdity of the toys I bring to bed/set to use. I'm not really one for dicks that look like dicks in general, I like things with a little.... flare. This definitely stands out of the crowd!

That's because when I was asked which size of this toy I wanted to use, I went for the biggest. I'm not typically a size queen, and with 11" of insertable length on the XL Hippocampus, it's way too long for me, but I wanted the girth. Midshaft it's got almost 2 3/4" of girth, and I definitely wanted that inside me.

I went for medium hardness and I'm glad, as the squishiness is just enough to feel really nice inside me without the texture being too overwhelming. One advantage to Exotic Erotics is the number of ways you can customize your toy to your preferences, especially when it comes to fun colour combos and silicone hardnesses. I found them to be really helpful when I was asking about how to make this toy work with a harness, and if it was even harness compatible!

The texture, a mix of gentle waves and scales, is incredible. I felt it without feeling ripped apart, which can happen sometimes with hard dildos and fancy textured bodies. And when it hit my cervix it felt nice, rather than overly pokey.

I need to state here- this is not a toy for beginners. Even the medium is pretty intense from what I hear. However, if you're looking for a toy that will help you open up for fisting, this is a great option, or if you like to feel really, really full.  Plus it looks beautiful, and you can get it with a suction cup so you can have some hands free humping fun if that's your deal.

There's a slight curve to this toy that made it fun to play with, both pointing towards my belly and pointing down towards my ass. I personally preferred pointing towards my belly, as it hit my g-spot better that way, but bodies are different and you should see what works best for you! Don't worry, you don't have to go with a massive version to enjoy this toy- they have a small that's a perfectly reasonable 5 1/2" insertable length, and 1 1/2" girth that would be equally enjoyable!

I personally really enjoyed the fanciful nature of this toy, especially as I've been disappointed in my purchases from Bad Dragon (and their politics). Exotic Erotics is a fantastic other option, and they have a whole line of sculpted toys that covers werewolves, raptors, phoenixes, halflings... all over the map.

They also have more lifelike toys, if you like your human puppyplay to involve a more dog-like cock (I'm not saying whether this is a thought of mine or not, nope, not me). But with elephant trunks and orca cocks to experiment with, I think you could explore this shop for a while and get a range of experiences you wouldn't find anywhere else.

Being silicone, these toys are sterilizable by boiling, putting in a dishwasher, rubbing down with toy cleaner, whatever is your  typical way of cleaning toys. Water based lube is great on them- with the texture I'd recommend either a creamier consistency like Liquid Silk, or a gel like Sliquid Sassy.

All in all, Exotic Erotic's XL Hippocampus is totally recommended for all your fantasy fucking needs!

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