Review: The Wand Controller

Wand Controller and other woman-friendly toys at Babeland.com
It goes up to 11.

I know. It doesn't look like much. Like some weird electronics gizmo your geeky boyfriend gets you that reads radio signals or something.

But this little box is the secret between "omg my Hitachi Magic Wand is my favourite toy" and "my Hitachi and I have a date pretty much every day and we snuggle afterwards".

It's the Wand Controller at Babeland.

You know how the Hitachi has two settings- "pleasant, and intense, but takes a little while" and "I can no longer feel my labia"? This gadget allows you to have multiple settings- the dial means that now, your Hitachi is variable, from low and mild to earthquake. Oh yes. I came the fastest I have ever cum thanks to this box (and we're talking from 45 minutes down to 10).

Plus it adds 6' of cord to your Wand, tho you might want to dial close to hand for ease of use. The dial is great especially because even if your fingers are lube-y you can still use it. Brilliant. I can't wait to introduce other lovers to this toy!

So if you know someone who loves their Hitachi but would enjoy turning it from a 2-speed toy into a TOTAL TOY OF AWESOMESAUCE, you may want to pop over to Babeland and make that happen.

Also definitely check out their special Getting Feels Good Too contest! They're giving away one high quality, pricey toy to a lucky winner each week, from now til Christmas, and you want to get in on that action.

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