Review: the Eroscillator

the cockscomb and
the grapes

I've heard stories about how amazing the Eroscillator was through the grapevine, and I always found the colour and design to be striking- but was a little nervous about the price. Would it stand up to the hype?

The answer is- mostly, at least for me. I mean, if you've read this blog, you know I like stimulation that would make most people's clits shrink away in fear. If it's on the Richter scale, I love it.

It looks like some sort of steampunk electric toothbrush, with the bronze colouring and retrofuturistic styling. Most of the attachments are two in one, and they're all made of a flexible but firm silicone covered TPR. Additionally, rather than vibrate, this toy oscillates, offering a strong sensation but a different one from, say, the vibration of a hitachi. It plugs into the wall with 12' of cord to give you a lot of flexibility in positioning. However, I got the Eroscillator Plus, when I think my clitoris would actually prefer the Deluxe, which is 30% more powerful. I'm a girl who likes a powerful vibe.

the ball and cup

The Eroscillator Plus is interesting for me particularly because it came with a few little attachments- 3 actually, and then I got an extra one that looked like a marshmallow. I pretty much enjoy anything that allows me to have a sampler platter- sushi, smorgasbords, orgies, etc. And that's what really worked for me with this- if one attachment wasn't, dare I say, my speed, I could try another til I found one that worked beautifully... for foreplay at least.

And that was the thing for me. This was great for getting me worked up before, say, penetrative sex, but on its own, I don't think it was strong enough to send me over the edge. Rather than the deeply intense orgasms I was hoping for, I just went a little mad with wanting it to be just...a bit...more! If you press harder with this toy, it prevents the oscillation, so you can't really intensify it. As someone who gets hand cramps from pushing the Hitachi on my clit just.that.hard, it wasn't getting me there. I was disappointed, because I was hoping to finally have multiple clitoral orgasms. Normally one is exhausting and I toss the vibe across the room because I get just that sensitive after I cum.

the golden spoon

Let me introduce you to the attachments I got, all of which look very rigid but are actually fairly flexible:

1. Golden Spoon: Concave on one side to cup the clitoris, flat with eight little dots of texture on the other. This one was like of nice to surround my tiny clit.

2. Grapes and Cockscomb: The grapes are big and round texture, while the cockscomb is a longer ridged thing. The grapes didn't do a whole lot for me, but the cockscomb felt nice on my labia and one one side of my clit.

3. Ball and Cup: One side is rounded with three little nubs and the other is slightly concave. This one was a bit too big for my clit, so it didn't stimulate it much.

4. Marshmallow: Otherwise known as the Ultra Soft Finger Tip. The little marshmallow is made of medical silicone elastomer, and it's probably the neatest sensation- soft, squishy, no distracting textures. But sadly, I can't cum from someone's finger, either, so even though I enjoyed the feeling, it just didn't push me over the edge.

the marshmallow

All of the attachments are made of silicone coated TPR, are phtalates and PVC free, and snap on and off very easily. To clean them off afterwards, you can use soap and water, toy cleaner, or wiped down with a ten percent bleach solution. You might want to employ a small soft toothbrush to get any lube out of the little crannies. And of course, water based lubes only!

So I really wanted to like this, and I imagine I will have lovers who will adore the sensation. For me, I'm thinking that maybe the Deluxe would be more up my alley. If you're weaning yourself off a Hitachi, you might want to go for the stronger model. If you're going for a step up over a bullet or a rabbit, though? This would be an excellent step up.

Thank you Eroscillator for sending me one in exchange for an honest review!

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