Review: Sportsheets Diva Harness

I love strapon play, like, a whole lot. But finding a well-fitting harness as a fat girl is not always the easiest thing!

Thanks to MyPleasure, however, I got to try out the Sportsheets Diva Harness, which was made for big hips and thick thighs such as mine. Fantastic, I say! So I whipped it out of the box and tried it right on.

The first thing I noticed was that this entire harness is machine washable- something I've grown to appreciate quite a bit in a strapon harness. The straps are made of nylon webbing and are really long (82"!), making it adjustable to larger body types- if you have extra strap left over, you can always wind it around or tuck it in so there's no fiddly bits. Of course you can also cut it to size! I found adjusting it to fit me easy and quick.

The waist strap is thick, and I didn't have issues with it cutting into my sides, which can be an issue with some harnesses. The straps for between the legs are thin, which I thought might make it uncomfortable but actually meant I could tighten them more than I could have if the straps were longer. The buckles on the straps aren't too difficult, and while I wouldn't want to guarantee it would be easy for someone with agility issues, I think that most people could easily do the adjusting with the harness off, and then pull the straps tight on your body.

The way this fit on me meant that the top of the harness fit under my belly, putting the base of the dildo in the middle of my pubic area- something I prefer, because it means I have good control of the angle my cock is going and something for a lover to push back on.

The front and back, made of a soft-to-touch material, were lightly padded, which was really nice. The larger back is to give some extra support, and since I tend to like strapons that can be a bit heavy, I found that support to be useful in giving me a nice, stiff, sturdy hard on.

Another thing this harness comes with is multiple rings, so you can adjust accordingly to fit the diameter of the toy you're playing with. That's really nice, as some harnesses are stitched in such a way that you're stuck with the ring they come with- these snap right out! The O-rings are rubber (though if you have an allergy you can substitute with a leather or nickel-plated one), and come in 1.5 inch, 1.75 inch, and 2 inch sizes. 

Finally, this isn't a super femme-y harness- there's no corset-y stuff or anything, it's pretty basic, which is handy for someone who doesn't really want ruffles on their harness. You could probably wear this under jeans or a skirt without difficulty.

Plus, there's that bonus that once you're gotten it covered with lube and sex juices and custard (ok, maybe that's just us crazy sex klowns) you can pop it into the washing machine and it's as good as new!

Thanks MyPleasure for letting me review the Diva Harness from Sportsheets- now that Pride is here, maybe I'll get a chance to use it properly! ;)

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