Review: Splendid Garter Belt

I'm always looking for cute pieces to add to my sorry collection of lingerie. It's REALLY hard to find cute things that fit my body well, that are comfy and don't make me look like a poorly-constructed lumpy sausage.

Thankfully, Angelique Lingerie is there to step up to the plate, and, hearing my cry for prettier lingerie, they offered to send me a little something- mysteriously, they only said "something you'd like".

So imagine my delight when I ripped open the box to see they sent me the appropriately named Splendid garter belt! Particularly well-chosen, because I really wanted another garter belt, especially one that was a bit more frilly.

Isn't it adorable? I love all the ruffles. It appeals to my inner femme-iest of femmes. It's black with baby pink edging, made of this super-soft lacey fabric, little pink satin bows, and, my favourite part- it ties in the back with a soft mesh ribbon, instead of a hook and eye closure! The Splendid garter belt comes in two sizes- 1x/2x, which fits a 42-48" waist, and 3x/4x, which fits a 50-56" waist. If you're in between 48" and 51", I'd recommend going with the smaller size, cause these are pretty stretchy.

There's 4 straps coming off this garter belt, two in the front and two in the back- each strap has a bow on the top and bottom of it.The clasps are plastic and a bit fiddly, so give it a test run before you get ready for an evening out or you might get a bit frustrated. However, one they're on, they're on- I wore mine out and the clasps stayed the whole night.  My only frustration was I think mine (a 3x/4x) was a bit too big for me, cause even when I tied it tight it slipped a bit down. So err on the smaller side and you'll be fine!

It's a fantastic piece to add to your lingerie closet, or your costume closet if you're like me and have a biggest costume closet than regular clothes closet. You could even wear this under business clothes, as the ruffles aren't too bulky... no one would even know. Your lover would enjoy slowly untying this, letting the garter belt slip off your luscious hips.... I know the boy will love it next time I see him!

It's pretty easy to take care of this piece, just toss in a delicates bag in your regular wash or hand wash if you prefer. I'd probably let it air dry, just in case, as hot dryers can break the little elastics in underthings!

I had a lot of fun wearing this out, and got lots of compliments. I was super comfy, and the bow stayed tied, which was something I had initially worried about. I think the ruffles looked great on- not too bulky, it looked fun without adding bulk. It'd be great for playing innocent, for a burlesque performer, or for a vintage-y girly-girl look.

Thanks Angelique Lingerie for letting me try one of your Splendid garter belts on for size in exchange for an honest review! Even my friend's cat enjoyed it, as you can see below!

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