Review: Spareparts Deuce Magnum Harness

My boy has a very pretty cock. I don't like very many cocks, ok, so when I say I like his, it's a pretty high compliment. It's the perfect size for me, thick, and I love his foreskin!

There's a reason why we're engaged.

I mean, it's because he's a lovely person with a great personality!


Anyway, one issue with his thick cock is the fact that many toys don't fit him, making it difficult to try new stuff. I mean, what a problem to have, right, but it means we can't use chastity cages often, or penis extenders (usually- keep an eye out for a review of one exception!). I can't even begin to share the epic that was the DIY cock kit. So we generally don't bother. Which is too bad, cause I feel like I'm missing out sometimes- like, I wanted to try the Deuce harness, but the boy's cock was just not gonna go in there.

Thank goodness Spareparts read my mind, and made the Magnum, a double harness for men like my boy- or if you like double penetration with the Outlaw! O.o

Babeland was kind enough to send the harness my way to try out, somewhat of a challenge as I haven't done much anal play with another person in a long time. I have a huge hard-on for double penetration, however, so I was looking forward to seeing how I felt about it. I've been into it for a long, long time... ask me sometime about my Crayola marker adventures...But to be honest- I wasn't quite ready to try to real deal!

We did get to see how the harness felt and looked on, and get an idea of what using it would be like when we do take that step... and this is a lovely harness. Not surprising, as I love Spareparts harnesses generally- machine washable, incredibly adjustable, super comfortable and can be worn under clothes, what's not to like? It tightens with some velcro on either side for a smooth look and really comfortable fit. Spareparts harnesses are pretty sturdy, so no saggy cocks on these babies. And I've happily worn one under jeans without any worries.

The boy's cock slid pretty comfortably into the bottom hole, which is 2 - 2.37 inches in diameter. The top hole, where a dildo can go, is 1.25 - 2 inches in diameter. The Magnum comes in two sizes- A (20 - 50 inch) and B (35 - 65 inches)- the Deuce has the same hip sizes, just both holes are 1.25 - 2 inches instead.

You don't have to use this as a double harness, of course- you can use it as a comfy harness for people with outies and just tuck yourself away too! I thought it looked pretty hot on him (and check out how those straps cup his ass cheeks, ooeee!)

I'm looking forward to seeing him again... I'll be spending the next couple of months getting a bit more experimental so that maybe, just maybe, I can give my fantasy of double penetration a go!

Thanks Babeland for sending me the Deuce Magnum to review!

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