Review: "Roulette: Toronto"

I know a girl- a hot, genderfucking dandy of a girl- who lives up in the cold northern territory of Toronto, Canada. She was my co-founder of Ladies High Tea and Pornography Society, out in London, along with being my lover and friend. I still haven't gotten to go up to Toronto to see her, sadly, and I miss her terribly.

When I saw that there was a "Roulette: Toronto" available from Good Vibrations... I had to see it. In honor of her, really. Plus I really loved the last Roulette I had seen, so I was looking forward to seeing the newest installment (and there's a few- "Roulette: Berlin" is one I'm also looking forward to checking out, and there's "Roulette: Dirty South" too).

The first scene is a really hot one between Courtney Trouble, who directs the whole film, and Judy Minx, a really cute, big-eyed girl who looks as pretty when laughing as when tearing up. Yum. This scene is full of squirting, face slapping, cunt spanking, and writing on the body with makeup. Really sexy femme-on-femme scene. I loved the playfulness and roughness in the scene. A lot of spit. A lot. Pretty hot. The music was a bit distracting though. I love the choice of music, I just prefer to hear girl moans. :)

As for the next scene, the boy said it best- "I didn't think I was going to be seeing queer ballet porn today". It's a scene between Jiz Lee, River Turner and Drew Deveaux, going from a dance class to a really sexy, androgynous, spandex threesome in a dance studio. Lots of lithe bodies entwined, many gloved hands going up wet cunts... some spanking, echoing in the studio, which was quite fun. The body awareness and movement in this indicated to me that they might, in fact, have dance experience- there's a consciousness that's pretty sexy.

Then we have April Flores, booking a "leggy brunette" escort- I love how her red hair matches her shiny red stilettos. Nice touch. "Flattering outfit," commented the boy, and it's true- April has one a sheer lingerie set that really emphasizes her curves. Well, who should come to the door but the delicious Dylan Ryan, looking pretty femme compared to how I've normally seen her! They get right down to it, which I find funny- in my experience, there's usually a cuppa that happens first, or a glass of wine, but that makes for dull porn I'm sure. Dylan gives April some head, and then gets her hands wet- there's armpit licking, spanking, and the Njoy Eleven stainless steel dildo. "Is she slapping her tits against her cunt? That's amazing!" said the boy, remarking wistfully "sometimes I wish I was a girl so you could slap your tits against my cunt". 

Finally, there's the scene with Scout and Lascivia Liberty- I love Scout's binding with a leather harness, that's really sexy, and the naturalness of the sex was super sexy- plus the rapport between the performers, the body types, and the multiple gushing moments made the boy say it was his favourite scene so far. He was wrapping Christmas presents for me, and this was the scene that distracted him the most, so that should tell you something! And, as he pointed out, only in queer porn would you hear "oh, it's ok if it won't go in". 

There's also a bonus scene shot in Vegas with Dia Zerva and her real life lover Wordman. The story goes that Wordman installed a stripper pole to surprise his lover- she does some tricks on the pole before they get down to some cunnilingus and fingering... yummy. To be honest, Wordman is totally not my type- as the boy said, "I think I could be happy never seeing a white, bald cisman with a goatee in a black shirt"... and yeah, I'm inclined to agree, but hey, real life couple stuff trumps that for me.  Seeing the chemistry that happens when you've been together for a while is super sexy. And the slow blowjob was pretty hot.

The things I love about queer porn were definitely present here. Genderqueerness. Body variety. Laughing during sex. Body hair. Body fluids. Negotiation/communication being seen during sex. Kinky play. Camera angles that show the connection, not just pink bits. All really nice. And this is the second time Courtney has suggested in porn the idea of women being sex work clients, which I really, really like- it's about time women saw themselves as consumers within the sex industry.

So, yeah, I liked this "Roulette" a lot, and definitely would recommend watching it. It's very girl-heavy, so if that's what you want from your queer porn, this would be a good one to check out! Plus it might be a little more accessible to the queer girl with a straight boyfriend- this may change his tastes a bit. ;)

Available at Good Vibrations in multiple formats, including ones you can download if you're not in the US, so the region thing isn't an issue. Yay!

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