Review: Minx Tail

I have a cat tail with a wooden base I got for Christmas a couple of years back and I adore it. But I was kind of ready for a tail that had a different, slightly smaller base- the wooden plug, while comfy, was a bit much for my poor body to handle, especially as I don't do anal play particularly often.

I was therefore really glad when Crystal Delights agreed to send me their Minx plug with a tail- a nice, thick, extra fluffy grey and white fox tail. And it is so, so lush! I wanted to rub the tail all over my face.

It's solidly attached to a pretty glass plug for inserting. My plug has a lovely frosted glass finish as well, which makes it feel super velvety and makes it not quite as cold to the skin. It's about 2.7" insertable length, and about 1.4" wide, making it a lovely first plug for people unaccustomed to inserting things anally. And the design is ideal, with a good ratio between the base and the widest part of the plug- it stays in comfortably while not being such a big flare that it's hard to remove.

Now, of course with butt plugs, you want to go slowly at first. I like to use a vibe around the outside first- even better for relaxing my body is bringing myself to a clitoral orgasm first, which leaves me feeling less tense. That may make putting a plug in feel even easier for you. Once it's in, I enjoy tugging it (gently now) so I can feel it inside me.

As someone who loves kitty play, you might like a solid coloured tail as your own fluffy cat tail; if you're more canine in nature, these are perfect for puppy/fox/wolf play.

There are of course other things one can do with a plug tail- use it as a sensation toy, for example. You can put it in the freezer (I would put the tail part in a freezer bag to protect it, and Crystal Delights says not to do this, so proceed at your own risk) and use the glass like you would use ice, then using the tail for another, softer sensation. Or you could use it as a gentle impact toy- not too hard, but by holding the plug as a handle, you can lightly flog your partner as a warmup or as a cooldown activity.

As for caring for this, I recommend using water based lubricant, as it's the easiest to get out of the fur. You can wipe the plug with soap and water, toy cleaner (be careful to keep it off the tail!) or a lint-free towel with a bit of peroxide. There's special instructions on keeping the fur neat and clean, so I'll just quote Crystal Delights:

Our Crystal Minx animal tails are real fur tails and as such require a bit of special care. Here is where I give you the “correct” way to clean your Crystal Minx tail (which I know most of you wont do) then I will give you some tips and tricks that might help! The Crystal Minx tail should be cleaned only by a fur professional, however here are some things you can do yourself.

-Give it a good home. Be sure it is not exposed to bright light while being stored, or isn’t kept near a heat source. Make sure it has room to breath and isn’t being crushed by other objects. Fur likes cold, hates heat. They don’t like friction. They don’t like chemicals. They like space.

-Don’t cover your Crystal Minx tail with a bag. Your tail prefers air circulation, to prevent its leather side from drying. If you absolutely must keep it in a bag for a short period of time, be sure it is in a loosely woven cloth bag.

-Accessorize wisely. Don’t pin jewelry on your tail, and avoid sharp necklaces and bracelets that could snag your tail.

-Avoid insecticides, mothproofing and other chemicals around your tail, including perfume or hairspray directly on your tail. Perfume contains alcohol, which can dry it out. Once a perfume gets into your tail, including cedar from a cedar chest it could be there to stay. Oils in the leather of your tail can become rancid and smell.

-If your tail gets wet, don’t panic. Most tails handle snow and light rain with ease. Shake it out and hang it to dry in a well ventilated room. Resist the temptation to speed the drying process by using a hair dryer or hanging near a heat source. Your tail does not like heat. After it dries, shake it again. Do not comb or brush it. If its hairs are a little bristly, simply smooth them with your hand.

-Do not store your tail in a freezer…bad idea.

-Spot clean a stain at once with a cleaning solution and a rag. Pat the area with the rag rather than stroking it to avoid removing guard hairs. Hang to dry after the stain is removed.

-Bring back the shine of the fur by drying oat bran or cornmeal and laying it in the fur. These substances soak up dirt and grime. Gently shake out the cornmeal and bran and shake the tail to loosen the rest of the substances.

I know it sounds complicated, but taking good care of your tail means it'll be gorgeous for years- totally worth it!

Thank you Crystal Delights for sending me this beautiful Minx tail in exchange for a honest review- check out their other toys, like their pretty jeweled plugs!

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