Review: Man Eaters from Outer Space

The boy absolutely loves looking at this toy.

What's that, crawling over the pillow?

Why, it's the Man Eater from Outer Space, and it's invading Good Vibrations. Shocking! Horrors!

No, seriously, it's a really good quality toy and it definitely does something to make sex toys for men fun, much in the same way that Fun Factory's cute toys do for women.

This alien is a men's masturbation aid (and waterproof!) made of body-safe green PVC- no scent, either. It has three speeds that vibrate throughout the body, and they're reasonably intense. Plus, it's just really, really fun to watch a guy use this, with the little face nomming up and down your lover's cock.

It looks... surprised? Excited? Hungry? Who knows?

"At least," said the boy when I asked for his thoughts, "it's not a sleeve- I'd be a bit nervous putting my cock in a sleeve that looked like this".

Understandable, of course. Though I may try giving him the same expression the next time I go to suck his cock....

We discovered that one of the nicest things one can do with this toy is use the lips to give a little extra-firm stimulation over the cock head. This position allows the vibration to center in a more pinpointed way right on the underside, which gave some excellent sensations. Even if the eye was a little unsettling sometimes!

Another cool thing is that it's totally discreet. No one would ever guess that this a sex toy, so you could display it with your sci-fi books and your Farscape DVDs and people would just think it's another cool adult figure from Kid Robot or something.

One negative is that the button can be a little hard to press- slippery fingers will definitely struggle. And the inside of the mouth is shaped in such a way that it can easily feel like just any vibrator- using the lips in the way I describe above is a good way to use this toy's full potential.

The boy originally had some reservations, but he's kind of fond of the guy now. And he likes that I like it- cause that means I use it on him more often! It's fun, cute, and playful- it could be a little more powerful, but it's really nice to have a vibrator targeted at male vibratory pleasure. "When I use your hitachi, I feel like I'm wearing your underwear", he said, "it's nice to have a vibe that's for me, specifically". Waterproof means it's easy to clean, too, which is often a good thing with boys and their toys.

So there you have it. Are you ready for an encounter from another planet? Meet your own Man Eater from Outer Space at Good Vibrations!

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