Review: Late Night with the Date Night Delight kit

I don’t really go on dates very often. I’m a pretty busy person, and I tend to be attracted to similarly busy people- workaholics, often. I find sex with people who are passionate and driven tends to be pretty hot… well, when your google calendars sync, anyway!

So I got lucky twice over when I was sent the Date Night Delight kit by Good Vibrations during a week that I had managed, to my excitement, a date with this really gorgeous woman I had met and flirted with when we crossed paths.  What better way to test out this kit, while also impressing my curvy companion?
I hadn’t even opened the kit until I got to her place, because I wanted the contents to be a surprise. I unpacked sparkly tinsel and uncovered a treasure trove of goodies in a variety of scents and effects!
There was a mini Rub Me massage bar, scented with English Lavender. The idea is that as you warm it up in your hands or on your lover’s body, it slowly melts into a luxurious velvety message butter. They’re really nice because they’re not as messy as the oils can be (case in point- I used the Touch Me oil and forgot to screw the cap on all the way, thereby giving my date’s carpet a oil bath). It was a bit cold in my date’s flat, though, so I went to the next item.
I also discovered a small Ignite Me massage candle. Now, I’ve used these a lot, and really enjoy them- I find the melting point to be just right, especially for someone new to wax play. The soy wax melts at a low temperature so you get this sensual warm oil to drop all over your lover’s back. Mmmmm. And the soy wax is excellent because it doesn’t cling to little hairs, it just slides right off! Definitely keep in mind that less is more- the less you pour, the more likely you can just rub the oil into the skin. If you use it as a wax play candle specifically, you may end up with a bit of a flaky mess. This one was a really nice, refreshing Pomegranate Mint scent. I considered playing with this old favorite but decided to try something new instead.
Having picked this lovely lady up from work, I knew I wanted to give her a soothing massage as we chit chatted. Thankfully in the kit there was some Touch Me massage oil, in the scent I like the most, Morning Dew. Because of the sweet almond oil base, it’s not latex-safe, but it makes for a smooth, skin-moisturizing massage oil that does wonders for the masseuse’s hands along with the receiver’s body. I always enjoy offering a massage, because it’s a sensual way to connect with a play partner along with being fantastic foreplay, so the massage oil was definitely welcome.
Unfortunately we didn’t quite get to the Devour Me lickable body oil, which is actually really nice tasting. Normally fruit flavorings really sicken me, because they’re too chemical or too cloying, but the Strawberry Kiss had a light taste that was surprisingly yummy. Again, remember that this body oil might seem like the ideal thing for a genital massage turned to sex, but oil isn’t latex safe.
The kit comes with two different kinds of lubricant, so you can take your pick between Please gel lube or Please cream lube in little one use packets. It didn’t have gloves or condoms in the kit, but we had our own so no issues there! I also loved that there was a mini bullet vibe and batteries in the kit so you had a tiny vibrator on call if needed. Fantastic!
So, quite a variety of sensations and things to play with in this kit, and definitely fun for a date, as we proved until rather late…
My only wish is that instead of 4 massage related things there was something else… perhaps a satiny blindfold or something like that. I can’t imagine getting through all of the oils in a night, no matter how much I enjoy giving a hot girl a sexy rubdown!
Would I recommend the Date Night Delight kit? I would, for sure. I think it’s great to have options, and it’s so compact I can easily toss it in my purse and head out without anyone being the wiser. As I think I’ll be invited back to see my delicious co-tester again… I’d say that’s a recommendation right there.

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