Review: Kix'ies Thigh Highs

I love wearing thigh highs- the way they frame my ass makes me feel sexy, tempting. But I struggle, often, to find thigh highs in the variety I want- some that look vintage, some that look hipsterish, some that look professional. The ones I find require a garter belt, which can be irritating, since finding plus size garter belts that look good and aren't hella expensive is also difficult. And even some plus sized thigh highs don't fit my thighs, so what's a high femme to do?

On the recommendation of the always fabulous Virgie Tovar, I talked to Curvy Girl Lingerie about reviewing this new thigh high brand, Kix'ies.  I was a little apprehensive, because a lot of plus size thigh highs claim to be stay up and then just aren't, never mind how they usually dig into your thighs, creating a weird, sausage-stuffed-into-a-rubber-band type look.

Kix'ies bypass this by having different lengths, and different sized thighs, which seems so incredibly logical and yet never happens! From size A (up to 20" thigh circumference) to D (up to 35" thigh circumference) there's a good range of sizing options, and the fact that the actual circumference of your thigh is listed helps you get a decent fit. The B and the D are a bit taller (5'5"-6') and the A and C are a bit shorter (4'11"-5'5").

I loved the pattern choices with these, sensible options that were also a bit fun and not just in black. I like the nude fishnets, which I want to get at some point, and the white polka dotted ones will be lovely with some of my vintage clothes. I got the argyle and the pinstriped ones to review, and they both looked great on (the pinstripe worked, which I was worried about as I figured molding around legs might warp the stripes in a weird way but it didn't).

That said, I found that even the size D, which fit perfectly over my thighs and ideally would've been long enough, didn't go quite as high as I would've liked. As one of the reasons I wear tights instead of thigh highs is getting the dreaded chub rub, I prefer my thigh highs to cover the areas of chafing with their lace/hold up bit. When I tried to gently roll up my pinstripe ones with gloves on to try and avoid damage, they still gave way when they got a couple inches over my knee (causing me to need a replacement pair). I like how these look, but they're more like over the knee socks than thigh highs, at least on my body, and sadly wearing them out did end up with me getting chub rub. Owie.

That said, the important thing is the stay up power. I tried these with a garter belt with a lot of success- the hold up bit is designed with these little fibers, which is what keeps the constriction even all the way around. The fibers move out of the way to accommodate a garter clip, ensuring the stocking tops don't tear or get otherwise damaged. That's one of my favourite parts about these thigh highs!

I also wore them without a garter belt, telling my lover that we had to test out how well they stood up to "vigorous activity". Fondling didn't make them budge, nor did the copious amount of energetic fucking they inspired (and we're both porn performers, so we gave these a pretty good workout). Whether I was dry or sweating, these stuck nicely to my legs without being uncomfortable. In terms of the look of thigh high stockings, they got heavy and lustful approval.

I would definitely recommend Kix'ies, though the chub rub thing is something I'd encourage people to be aware of. I ended up using Silky Underwear dusting powder from Lush, and that worked well for me- other people swear by silicone lube or cyclist anti-chafing sticks. I like how they look, and I love their stay up power. I wish their social media was a little more open to critique, as when I said how pulling them to thigh high length caused me to tear a hole in the stained stockings whoever they had on Twitter was slightly condescending about what size I chose or how I put them on. Still, this is one of the best options on the market if you want thigh highs in a variety of sizes that will stay where you put them, won't roll down, and won't dig into your tender flesh.

Thank you, Kix'ies and Curvy Girl Lingerie for providing me with these in exchange for an honest and fair review!

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