Review: Jawbreaker Gag

I have a friend who is obsessed with cute boys sucking on lollipops. When I met her, at first I didn't entirely get it- I mean, I like lollipops, and I like cute boys, so sure, both together could be fun.

But there's something particularly sexy about a pink tongue flicking over something sugary- something innocent mixed with dirtiness that's incredibly hot. I get it now.
And Babeland sent me along something that helped me get it even further- a jawbreaker ballgag. In fact, they gave us two- one for our gift baskets for last week's Safe/Ward workshop, and one for me to try! Yes, it's edible. Yes, it's all jawbreaker. And it is just the cutest, sexiest thing ever! As a little girl who sometimes gets mouthy, this is a hell of a lot better than soap (though, it's a matter of time before there's a soap gag... you heard it here first!)
After seeing this I have a whole candy related BDSM photo shoot for Andro Aperture planned... imagine this gag, with red licorice whips binding the boy, and me spanking him with a big stick of rock candy. 
Hot, right? 
The strap on this is PVC- mine is pink, though you can also get it in black. The smallest setting is 13 3/4", and it goes up to 22 1/2", making it fit a huge range of sweet toothed submissives! The ball isn't huge- it fit my mouth perfectly, but if you need a big gag to keep you quiet this might not be the one for you. For how loud I am, my mouth is kind of wee (not the smallest, but medium-small), so I liked how comfortable it is in my mouth. It's kind of fun as a predicament thing- "the faster you lick, the faster you can swallow and not drool on yourself" is a fun game! Of course, the more you lick it down, the more you expose the plastic bits that hold the jawbreaker in place which might be uncomfortable for you. 
There's no ingredients list, but this definitely has sugar in it. There's not really distinct flavours, just a mild sweetness. Sadly, KinkLab doesn't make replacements for the jawbreaker yet, so when it's gone you've got a small pvc collar instead. Of course, you can easily adjust where the ball is and how long the straps are by cutting the end to be right for you. I would be careful, because as gags go, this has no give- if you're the kind of submissive who likes to gnaw on their gag, you may want to go with a silicone ball gag instead.
I think this would make a lovely little gift for the sweet kinky "little" in your life, along with any sugar fiends! Thank you Babeland for letting me check out the Jawbreaker gag in exchange for a fair review, it's so much fun!

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