Review: Heads Up

Ok, so I'm a bit biased. I'm in this, talking about my love of sucking cock and eating pussy, credited as a Community Voice with other fabulous San Franciscans, including the lovely Lady Monster. ::grin::

So, yeah, just a bit biased. And a bit chuffed, to be honest! :D

Heads Up: The Official Guide to Fellatio
But anyway. Ahem. "Heads Up" is part of the "Pleasure Ed" series of DVDs. An excellent mix of sexual education, sexy real people enjoying the giving and receiving of blow jobs, and people (like me!) offering techniques that work for us. Now, the San Franciscan in me didn't learn much from it, but loved loved LOVED the hot cocksucking with real people. I also really liked how they showed some flaccid cocks in the beginning to show how different they can look, and how that's ok.

I quite liked the older couple showing how to thoroughly enjoy a semi erect penis, though I especially liked the younger, kinkier couple with their dirty talk- the sweetest moment was when they checked in midway through the filthy "you're such a good cocksucking bitch" for a kiss and an exchange of "I love you"s. Awwww!  Bless! Also, in the hot scene with Madison Young and the mischievous look in her eyes and the laughing with her enjoyment made it really sexy and fun to watch. When she says, after he cums in her mouth, "it tastes like you", the way she says it, with such sweetness, is truly lovely.

I liked how it was shot- it felt a lot more like watching people at a play party go at it, rather than watching porn performers. I also really liked that Carol Queen, who presents and guides us through the dvd, mentions a bit about intersex and trans bodies, though I kind of wish it covered that a bit more. In my ideal world, there would've been a transguy discussing how he likes his phallus played with, and a bit of guy on guy to make it less heterocentric. That said, I liked the variety of bodies represented, and I really liked the bit with the semierect cock- that translates very well to my experience with disabled clients, who I think might watch this and realize that just because they can't get erect or cum from oral doesn't mean it's off the table for them!

Who would I recommend this DVD for, then? Well, if you have a partner who is a little nervous or squeamish about cocksucking, this might be a good thing to check out, because it's presented in a fun, sexy way. Personally? I'd show this in a sex ed class- I bet teens would pay attention (though it might've been better with more safer sex shown, like condoms being put on using the mouth, etc).

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