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I apologize at the beginning of this review that I don't have appropriate photos to accompany it- it's pretty hard to hold a camera for a photo and pee through a stand-to-pee device at the same time! Who would've thought?

This is the GoGirl, a stand-to-pee device sent to me by Good Vibrations. Nifty, huh? I've always loved the idea of being able to stand to pee, particularly when camping, at a festival, or otherwise without access to a toilet. The idea is that you cup the device around your cunt , and it funnels the urine away from you. Then you can shake the device off (made of medical silicone, so you can boil to clean it, or use antibacterial soap) and stick it in the biodegradable bag hidden inside the tube. There's even tissues to wipe after, a nice touch. Then, you can pack it all up again by folding it and hiding it back in the tube for easy transport in your purse (just don't forget to put another couple of tissues in there for the next emergency). It comes in lavender or khaki.

The only thing I would suggest is give this thing a practice run before depending on it. You may need to control your stream a bit so it doesn't overflow! That didn't happen to me (yet) but I can see it being a possibility, so practice in the shower first. Or on your lover, if you're into watersports. ;) In fact, if you have a lover who likes to drink piss, this is the perfect way to direct your stream into their mouth, on their chest, into a wine glass or a sippie cup... I'm just that kind of pervert, what can I say?

Hell, you can use it in a fix to fill up a water bottle if you feel so inclined. Just wash it thoroughly first, eh?

Thanks to Good Vibrations for sending me this in exchange for an honest review! It's definitely made me interested in exploring other stand-to-pee devices, though with that handy little tube to store it in, the GoGirl may well come out tops anyway!

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