Review: G-Ki

So I always knew I had a G-spot.

Ok, that's not exactly true. I always knew it felt really, really nice to stick my fingers in my cunt and wriggle them when I peed, but I didn't know why. I just knew I liked it a whole lot, figured I was weird, and shrugged it off.

Finding a toy that would stimulate my G-spot came way, way later. I mean, I've written about the G-spot before- my frustration at it being considered a magical spot (it's the urethral sponge, that's all) of guaranteed pleasure (not everyone likes the way it feels, it's pretty intense!) and how men treated it over and over like a Quest that would give them +10 stud points when they found it. I've definitely had guys who mauled my innards to prove themselves and their sexual prowess. I've known two men who make me squirt no matter what, whether I want to or not, and a part of me felt a little... overattached to them, I guess. They had the magic touch, right?

Well, no more!

Babeland sent me the G-Ki to test out, and oooooo boy! This is a fantastic toy.

First off- waterproof, rechargeable body. So when you gush all over yourself, the toy, and the bed, never mind your lover (if you let them drive ;) ) it won't matter because the toy is splashproof! And the rechargeable means you get a full 2 hours of vibrating lovin'. What I particularly liked was the magnetic hookup- instead of plugging this in, a magnet attaches the charger to the toy via the buttons that power it. Pretty nifty.

Secondly? It's adjustable. There are two points of articulation, and you can lock the toy in place at those points. See the images above to see the other two shapes you can sculpt it into. I found the left shape to be best for someone else holding the toy, and the shape on the right best for rocking back and forth on it using the palm of my hand. It means that it feels like you've got three toys instead of one!

Finally, with 5 speeds/variations, there's enough going on with this toy to make it a bedside staple. It looks like a piece of art, anyway, so you won't feel embarrassed to have it on your nightstand. It comes in purple, black, and rose, and arrives in a beautiful box. For presentation, this is one luxury toy.

Curious? Want to try one out? Get the G-Ki at Babeland this holiday season and give it to someone special... like yourself! ;)

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