Review: Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Kit

So I said in passing that I wanted to be able to shock some sense into the straight boys I encounter. I've had a few days where I've been hugely pissed off at the "bad behaviour" of men while out in the world.

And a potential client said "ok!" and sent me this kit, the Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy kit. How fucking rad is that?

I've always been curious about exploring electrical play more. I have a violet wand which is really cool and works on the surface of the skin (meaning it's a little safer for learning electrical play, though I recommend going to a class on it first, or at least reading "Juice")- it's great for steampunk/Victoriana medical play, for example! And I love the smell of ozone, mmm. But it's just kind of sensual and pleasant, it's not really something I'd use for, say, interrogation. And, well, "Wired Pussy" may have some things to answer for..!

What I've really wanted? A TENs unit.

I decided I was ready for a more intense electric experience, especially if I wanted to "train" these men into appropriate behaviour around women and queer people!

Enter the Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy kit. It's a simple enough kit with 4 electrodes, a unit with a few different settings and intensities, and a really hideous box cover. I might not have picked up this kit if I saw it in a shop, to be honest, because the super-porny image on the front is a huge turnoff.

Now, I was fearful about trying to do what it showed on the box- nipple to nipple play- as I was familiar with the warnings that electricity through the heart could be dangerous. Now, the likelihood is that as electrical play involves some current going through the heart, it's a good idea to ask a physician before trying it if you have, say, a pacemaker or heart problems. And if you don't have those medical issues, it's still really best to read up on electrical play- different kinds, what current it's safe to play with, etc- before you start working with it.

While it's important to know what you're doing, don't feel too intimidated! They do sell TENs units at the pharmacy, after all! So don't be afraid that this is a super-complicated item. You just want to be aware of some information to make the play a bit safer.

And there's instructions with the unit- don't use it in your mouth or internally (I don't know how you would ram one of these electrodes into your cunt, but never mind). They're not a long list, or an exhaustive one, but that should give you an idea of the risks.

But enough about that! How was it to use???

I loved it. I loved attaching them to the boy and watching him squeal and writhe as the electricity went through his muscles. I tried them on his feet, thighs,  nipple, and ass, with varying pleasure/pain effect. The sensation, having also tried them on myself, goes from sensual to uncanny and painful. Whee! I look forward to exploring it more.

TENs units, unlike violet wands, actually have some proven physical healing properties. There's a little bit of debate as to how it works, but I think the fact you can turn it down and get small, painless shocks will trigger your brain into making endorphins helps. So this is also good if you have arthritis or back pain!

After I've played with this kit for a while I may go the whole hog with something like this, which includes the ability to use internal electrodes... I bet that would be a lot of fun!

Would I recommend this? Yes, most definitely, if you enjoy interrogation play, electrical play, or novel experiences. It's a little weird to get used to, but well worthwhile! I mean, look at the boy's expression, that lovely mixture of desire and discomfort. A good time indeed.

There's so many places you can get a kit like this, so just look up "TENs Units" and take your pick according to what you're interested in! There's cheaper versions of electro nipple clamps, cock cages, and internal probes if you want to sample them. I'm kinda eager for the cock cage next! Ideal for teach those straight boys how to behave themselves.

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