Review: "Erotica Apocrypha", "This is the Way the World Ends"

I have always loved mythological stories, part of it being because of how fantastical they were, and part of it being because I loved how incredibly dark they were. There's all sorts of taboo in those stories- nonconsensual sex, shapeshifting, bestiality, incest. The Fae were some of my favourite tales, where they kidnapped young men to abuse and seduce them for years only to deliver them back to a world that had aged far more quickly. It's some fucked up shit, really, and while I'd love to say I only read incredibly beautifully written erotica, the fact is I also quite enjoy some filthy smut sometimes.

When Freaky Fountain Press told me they have a new anthology, "Erotica Apocrypha", that delves into the twisted elements of folklore and myth for the purposes of erotica... I knew I had to read it. And I'm so glad I did! I couldn't put this down- like vagina dentata, I was unable to look away, both tantalized and shocked.

Because of the often triggering nature of these stories, Freaky Fountain makes a point of having warnings for each one, so the reader can be forewarned of the contents. It's not soft delicate erotica, this stuff- this is dark, graphic, gritty. This is the kind of collection that would probably kill the Westboro Baptist Church family if they read it. Some of the stories get close to erotic horror without being gratuitous- there is blood, and sweat, and tears, and cum, all over these pages. The writing is exquisite, even if it sometimes made me sit back and say "whoa".

The desires in "Erotica Apocrypha" are both primal and divine, and they will captivate and enchant you. But beware when the gods come to seduce you... you may not get out alive.

Angels and demons, gods and mortals not your thing? Maybe you're more of a Mad Max, watch the world burn type. Freaky Fountain has a collection for you too- "This is the Way the World Ends", apocalyptic erotica just in time for 2012.

With 10 stories that are filled with pain and triumph, sex and death, this anthology was an intense read. These are dystopian tales of survival and defiance, and the sex ranges from desperate or angry to hot and loving.

I particularly enjoyed that the steamy scenes feel incidental while adding to the story- you don't feel like this is porn with some story added, but rather that these are stories where the erotic element adds to the experience. This is the kind of book you read while you wank yourself with a gun post Thunderdome battle.

Again, "This is the Way the World Ends" also has trigger warnings, and I do recommend you look them over before you read or you might be startled. This one has some sci-fi dehumanizing in it that I found fascinating and somewhat horrific- again, Freaky Fountain is the dark alleyway of erotica. It's rough, violent, and smutty, well worth a look if your tastes are stimulated by intensity.

I think Freaky Fountain is an independent publisher worth watching. Their trigger warning idea is ingenius- I wish more erotica publishers did this! And frankly, I also like reading smut where the sex is hot but the story is what really grabs me. Too often I'm reading a collection of erotica and I'm a little bored, the stories seem too similar, too soft. These stories punch you in the face and then kiss the blood away. You know, if you're into that sort of thing. I certainly am. ;)

Thank you Freaky Fountain Press for letting me read these collections in exchange for an honest and fair review!

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