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Holidays are stressful times. All the cooking, the family time, the pressure to get presents, the pressure to get the house tidy for entertaining, travel plans... whew. It's enough to drive anyone mad!

Well, how excellent is this compact set of toys? The Deck the Halls kit from Good Vibrations is a great idea for a stocking stuffer!
This kit centers around the Full House battery pack and a couple of interchangeable bullets. The battery pack takes three double A batteries (included, so yay for that) and the pack has 3 intensities and 4 pulsing patterns. The right button scrolls through the settings, the left is a quick shut off- both are easy to navigate with slippery fingers!  Then, you can add the bullet of your choice via the jack at the top- this kit comes with an Ace and a Queen bullet. The Ace is a teeny little buzzy vibe, about the size of a bee! It's adorable, though with such a small motor it's a bit too buzzy for my tastes. I imagine it'll be fantastic for nipple play or on the head of a cock, though. The Queen bullet was more my taste, an hourglass shaped bullet with a little more oomph to its vibration. The kit comes with these two bullets in silver- you can also get others separately in a velvety black, or the standard bullet vibe style, here called the King. 
In addition to the batteries, this kit comes with a 2oz Please liquid lubricant. You know what that means- you can get started right away. ;)
Big thumbs up for this being such an adaptable toy. I love having something easy to bring with me (and this packs small!) that I can vary sensation with, and the Deck the Halls set fulfills that desire for novelty. You could spend lots of time exploring which sensations you like where. I think this is one of the better stocking stuffer possibilities out there. Check it and other toys out at Good Vibrations- purchases of $50 or more get free shipping!

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