Review: Chemistry Bubble Bath Set

I love taking relaxing bubble baths. It's one of the ways I recharge after long days ranting about the patriarchy. That and massage, anyway.

And of course, if you've read my blog for any length of time you also know that I am a big old geekette.

So when MyPleasure offered to send along this Chemistry Bubble Bath Set for me to try (in little test tubes! oh!) I had to give it a go. And it was really nice (much needed, as it turned out, as I've been having a rather intense few days lately!)

There's four different scents that come in this kit- rose, lavender, lemon/mint and pomegranate. Each one is labelled as having a different effect- rose is seduction, lavender is alluring, lemon/mint is vitality and pomegranate is sensual.

They have a cute little display rack as well, which may have a second life as a set of vases in the future! For now, I just liked how they had a little sexy mad science thing going on. Always a good time.

When I took these photos, I was using the lavender bath bubbles. As you can see there's a nice amount of froth over the bath, but not so much you're drowning in bubbles. I did generally find the scents to be gentle, not overpowering- that might be a negative for some people who want to dip into a sensory explosion, but as I have some chemical sensitivities it was ideal for me.

As an experience junkie, I really enjoy having choices. Being able to decide what mood I want to create for myself each night is pretty rad! I think my favourite scent ended up being the lemon/mint, which had a fresh citrus to it with a little minty slap in the ass to wake you up. I only used about half a bottle for each bath, so this'll get you 8 well-bubbled tub times.

My kitty Meep was kind of worried about me in the bath, though- she batted at the bubbles and meowed at me to get out before I dissolved. You can see the worry in her face! It was really cute watching her watch the bathtub warily.

Anyway, I really liked that I didn't feel film-y afterwards, and the tub was easy to clean. That's always important for a quality bath product. This might make a fun present for a chemist heading off for a conference, or anyone who enjoys the soothing nature of a hot bath.

Thank you MyPleasure for sending me the Chemistry Bubble Bath Set in exchange for a fair review!

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