Review: "An Open Invitation"

I heard about "An Open Invitation: A Real Swingers Party in San Francisco" and my first thought was, "I bet I know someone in this film. In fact, I bet I know a few people". Then I discovered that the finale of the flick is an orgy in the Upper Floor of the Armory, a gorgeous and luxurious space. Of course thinking about all this made me wildly curious, so I jumped at the chance to have the great folks at Babeland send it my way so I could check it out!

It's a love story. It's a story, in fact, I've encountered in one form or another in my real life out in the alternative sexuality scene- that of a loving, committed couple who find themselves missing that spark in their sex lives and decide to experiment and see what happens. It's a fun journey of discovery into my world, which is fun to watch on the other side!

It starts with a fairly yuppy-looking couple but cute Alison and Will Bloom (played by India Summer and James Deen, who I remembered from Batman XXX)  getting home in the evening, undressing and crawling into bed. I loved little things, like the removing of all the decorative pillows to leave only the two they would actually sleep on. Or when she suggests they have sex and he seems surprised and mildly intrigued because, well, they had sex on Tuesday so he figured she wouldn't want to. It seemed like real couple-y things to do, which set a good scene. And that first scene... the sex is sweet, but swift, and focused entirely on his orgasm. He cums, and it's off to bed, her looking a little... wistful.

Meanwhile, this hot couple Vivian and Adam Angel (played by Lorelei Lee and Micky Mod) living next door are a little more free. He removes her panties in the doorway to their flat- she sucks his cock on the rug in the living room- they talk dirty to each other. He rims her, one of my favorite things personally, and then has her use an Njoy Pfun Plug in her ass while he fucks her silly. Unlike the first couple, who were quiet and to the point, these two make their pleasure known (hope their walls are thick!) They make out like they're about to devour each other. It's super hot. He cums on her face and she licks her fingers clean, with them kissing lovingly, snuggling and giggling. Adorable.

Then I totally see someone I know from my OWN experiences at sex parties in SF, and I just had to laugh and remember- for some people, this is porn fodder- for me, well... ;)

Anyway! At a restaurant, these two couples meet up and in a clever move by the Angels involving some not-so-subtle manipulation and some "gifted" wine, end up chatting and getting to know each other. Wine flows, food is fed amongst giggles, and sexual innuendo is heavy. The hookah comes out, and the smoldering gazes definitely hint at this going somewhere.  I particularly appreciated the time honored technique of the girls bonding to lay the groundwork for a comfortable situation later down the line. And it's fun to watch the Blooms gradually realize that the couples switch and move fluidly sexually among each other.

I really liked it when the conversation about open relationships starts- of course with Vivian making out with another man and William saying to Adam, "you're ok with what your wife is doing over there?" and Adam shrugging and saying "of course". Oh man have I been in that conversation before! And it was fun watching the party go from cocktails to cock and tail. There's some amazing chemistry and some hot fucking that goes on, and I loved that the PIV or PIA sex was mostly safer sex. Some nice double penetration too... yum yum.

And I really liked that moment the next morning after their first swinger experience to look at each other and say... "did that really happen..?" But the Blooms didn't get the Angels contact information... I'll let you discover how they find each other again, it was kind of awesome. I don't want to ruin the surprise.

I'll say this- I loved the girl on girl scene between Vivian and Alison. For a couple of femmes in stripper heels, I found the sex to be a little rough, and really fucking sexy. Oh, what girls do with their hands..! And of course can't forget the Hitachi in all its glory, doing what it does best.

I really loved when the Blooms talked about Alison's sex with Vivian and William was really turned on by his wife's excitement. And I liked that the Angels seemed like they were really experienced with the swinger scene when they weren't- that was kind of cute, and made a good point that just cause someone seems very confident and comfortable doesn't mean they've been doing it much longer than you!

Then it was time for the orgy in the Upper Floor. It was hilarious to see so many people I recognized, especially people I see out and about at real life parties or camped with at Burning Man! Again, totally a reminder that I am actually in this fantasy community. I really got an appreciation for how strange and amazing that is for other people. That said, I was disappointed that when there was a major scene happening almost everyone else stopped and some guys in the room were actually just watching and wanking- something they wouldn't be allowed to do at a swinger party!

I liked this porn. It was really hot, even though I prefer queer porn. I wish there had been boy on boy action, but hey, that's rarely allowed at swinger parties, sadly. I think it provided a fairly accurate example of a fun, hot, young swinger scene- one I experienced a bit more in London than in San Francisco, to be honest, but then it says a lot that out of 127 "real swingers" I knew quite a few of them!

Obviously, it's not a replacement for negotiating and discussing safer sex- nobody of course talked about safer sex in this porn, even if those precautions were taken in places. But it's porn, it's fantasy. I'm just saying, if you take this stuff to real life, you watch "An Open Invitation" and get inspired? Lots of communication, safer sex, and get tested often. You'll be glad for it.

Would I recommend this? Sure! I think it makes the swinger lifestyle a little less old and creepy, which is the reputation it has, and loads of really hot sex with excellent chemistry. Definitely head over to Babeland and give it a looksee!

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