Resolved: 2011

I always love NYE as a chance to reflect on my last year, and what I want for the next year- I think rather than mash this year with my hopes for next year, there'll be two posts, one to say goodbye to 2011, one to say hello to 2012.

Last year my resolutions were as follows:

-Create a website for Ladies High Tea and Pornography Society to take it the next step
Didn't get that done quite yet, but it's part of a larger step for this blog and my website. :)

-Create some proposals for classes I could teach- perhaps on sex party etiquette?
Did this and then some! I taught with Maggie at Feelmore510, co-created Safe/Ward, started presenting it both here and in Boston along with sharing our notes so people could similarly present it, presented at Arse Elektronika, and have been accepted to speak at Momentum and SXSW- think I did well on this one!

-Cut out bad energy in my life- I've started, but should keep this up. And don't try to contact them in moments of weakness!
I did this really well, and I'm proud. I wrote a massive piece about my ill-fated relationship with a client, and I feel I've purged it pretty well now. I have also finally given up on my high school friend who has refused to talk to me due to some perceived slight.

-Cut down on cigarettes and move to an electronic cigarette- try to have this fully transitioned by 2012.
I've cut down, but hadn't bought a proper electronic cigarette- UNTIL NOW! Very proud of myself. I have finally bought a gorgeous custom(!) electronic that I'll be excited to show off, with flavours that will make me reach for that instead.

-Do a queer porn- possibly in London- and maybe submit one to the Good Vibes Film Fest.

I shot with CrashPad this year, along with shooting with Penny at Pampered Penny, and Maxine Holloway for a film for GV, though that met a sad fate. I feel I did pretty well on this, with more to come next year.

-Try to get at least three things published in print.
Oh god yes. I wrote two pieces for Filament, wrote a piece for an erotic anthology that was accepted, and just finished a ghostwritten chapter for a book. Very happy about that!

-Sort out a place to live, whether in the UK or US, and stay there.
I settled into grandma's for the time being while I sort out my divorce, and I feel good about that decision. Staying in one place has allowed me to make some roots and develop a name for myself, which has been amazing for my growth. I'm a lot happier now that I've settled in.

-Visit at least one new place in Europe.
I didn't actually get to do this. Ah well. Makes sense since I spent half the year here in SF!

-Repair friendships that have been banged up a bit.
I feel like this is something I also did ok on. I've starting to reconnect with friends who mean a lot to me but who I had gotten out of touch with, and that's been really nice. I missed them.

What else did I do this year?

-Was nominated again for an Erotic Award
-Finally saw the documentary "Britain's Happy Hookers" that I'm in
-Started performing as Creampie the Klown more formally
-Fought Porn Wikileaks
-Moved back to San Francisco
-Started wondering about having kids with the boy
-Went to Fourth of Juplaya
-Met and lived with Maggie and Ned Mayhem
-Interned at Cleis Press
-Started working on Andro Aperture
-Became a brony thanks to the boy
-Baked cupcakes and made tear gas masks for Occupy Oakland
-Started dating Penny
-Introduced the boy to my parents
-Joined the Sex Workers Outreach Project
-Started my divorce paperwork
-Said goodbye to my cat Meep
-Performed on stage at Masquerotica
-Stage managed December 17th, International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers
-Started to fight privilege in the SF kink scene

I think I can look back on this year and be pretty proud.

Thank you all for taking this journey with me, for asking questions and posting blogs that inspired and angered me into writing. Thank you for giving me opportunities to spread the consent culture message. Thanks for laughing and crying with me.

It's been a rough couple of days. I have never felt so glad to have a community of people around me who love me and mine, who are there to help when I (or someone I care about) need it. I'm so, so grateful.

Have a marvelous new year, and may 2012 bring about an apocalypse of the heart, leaving only truth and beauty in its wake!

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