Pussyfest: Like Catnip for my Libido

It's Wednesday, and my cunt is only now feeling a little less pounded from my date on Saturday. That means it was a good night, folks, a very good night indeed.

Saturday was Kinky Salon, and as I mentioned earlier, the boy was off on a date of his own at London's KS too. Kind of surreal- I got a message that he and his date were heading home as my date and I were heading out! The theme was Pussyfest (which feels like a party just for me) and my date was the gorgeous Penny, dressed in a painfully cute bunny goth loli outfit. She was already loli-ed up (with a dress over her tits, of course) when she picked me up and whisked me away for some amazingly good sushi at a little place I hadn't been to before. We chitchatted (carefully, as there were kids about) and talked about the boy (they've met before- he actually edited her really awesome book on AB/DL) and I was pleased to see that Penny is one of those girls who actually eats on a date- no salad picking nonsense, and no "oh I shouldn't". Yes, I notice.

We went back to hers so I could change and she could take care of some things, and then were off into the city. In a pretty short time we managed to find reasonable parking, which was exciting (San Francisco is kind of awful for parking sometimes!) and headed up into the space. Both Penny and I had been to Mission Control before, but she hadn't gone to Kinky Salon before, so I was a little giddy to see what she'd think. The party was in full swing by this time, with cats, dogs, bunnies and balls of string dancing, flirting and giggling, so I introduced her to some people, did the cheek-kissing thing as I checked our booze at the bar (champagne and amaretto, which is lovely btw).

Then it was time for the midnight Cabaret. It was fantastic! I rarely make it in to see the cabaret anymore but I wanted to make sure Penny got a chance to check it out. She was wearing a corset, so I managed to find a place where she could sit comfortably and I sat at her feet to watch performances like a burlesque version of the e-harmony girl who really, REALLY loves cats. It was kind of hilarious!

And it was nice to feel Penny's nails gently on my back as we sat there. It helped to break the ice a little. Because, honestly, while I've performed with her before, it's been... well, for work, and she's been paying me. So to go from a scripted thing to anything goes was a little... nerve-racking! Boundaries are complicated things and we both want to work together again but also kinda wanted to fuck like, well, bunnies. And before you ask why she was a bunny at a cat party- there's a Cool Devices (hentai, obv) episode with a bunnygirl in a cage, watching as a kittygirl comes in, teases the submissive bunnygirl, and then gets fucked roughly by her owner over the cage, her nippes poking through the bars so the bunny can lick them. Hot. Even hotter that she knew about it too, as Cool Devices was one of my my first (if not THE first) videos I wanked to.

Anyway. I have a service kink. I don't know if she did it purposefully, but when she fetched me drinks and carried bags for me, it was a huge turn on. Add to that a moment in the smoking area where she sat at my feet, cheek on my thigh... and I was ready to break out the toy bag and ignore all my overthinking worrying nonsense. So we peeked around the space and ended up in my old favourite, the Pink Room, with some paddles, a strap on, cuffs, and a vibrator. Penny neatly organized the toys on the bed, which was just even more sexy for me. I kissed her- first gently, then harder, with her nuzzling my breasts and sucking my nipples feverishly. I could feel my inner Beast stretching inside me, wanting to throw her down and bite her. But, have to save things for later, no?

We tumbled onto the bed as I kissed her breasts and nibbled at her nipples, kissing her belly and untying her furry panties to kiss her pubic mound. "Would you like me to use a dental dam?" I asked, and she said yes, please, so I grabbed a glove and ripped the palm with my teeth to give me a wide latex barrier and a finger at the top that I rolled over her clit before diving in. Oh, it was such a turn on, stretching the latex over her labia as I used my tongue, loving the way her thighs clamped around my face.

Kissing again, the dam rolled up and thrown away, she asked me what I wanted. This is one of those things I've generally struggled with, telling someone "yes, please, I'd like you to do this to me". I usually just say "oh, it's ok, I prefer to do stuff to others" because I'm scared that I'll get frustrated with my brain and my cunt's inability to talk to each other sometimes. But I took a deep breath and said "actually, I'd really like to be fingered". Penny smiled and slid a glove on (and they say safer sex can't be sexy), lubing me up and sliding her fingers in. God, it was great. I loved feeling her inside me, and I loved even more when I came on her hand and she was exclaiming at my kegals squeezing her fingers!

Then it was time for a little more kissing, and snuggles, and homewards for us both. I got home in time to check in and get read a story by the boy, which was really nice. I still had some jealousy about his having PIV sex with a friend of mine (and there is totally a whole post about how stupid I feel that heteronormative ideals still have that kind of power) but it's a little harder to worry about it when you've been having sexyfuntimes of your own!

It was all in all a great lesson in "don't be a chickenshit, ask for what you want", and with such a pretty girl, I may be a little hot for teacher. Can't wait for the next study session!

(And though she happily gave me permission to write about our adventures... I still bet she's going to blush when she reads this- she looks cute that way. ;) )

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