Piss: a Short Movie to Illustrate the Complexity of Consent

This was put up on my wall, described thus- "in view of recent chat about safe words and consent, thought you may find this interesting Kitty? (not work safe) Award winning 7 min film tackles consent, safe words, feminist ideas and more...x"

I think Maggie and I may need to use this video when we present Safe/Ward in the future- will need to get in touch with the director about it. I feel like this illustrates how complicated safewords, partnerships, feminism, guilt, and gender issues can be- and even more so when you add altsex into the equation.

I particularly like the part where he clearly has a limit- he feels bad, he doesn't want to piss on her- and she's not hearing that limit either. And when he asked "how can I tell when it's "nooo Andrew, stooop" vs "NO ANDREW, STOP" and she says "well, when I say no, and it's about pee, don't stop, not ever". but like, how would be know for sure when it's about pee and when it isn't? And what if he's wrong?

Consent- it's fucking complicated! It's far more complex (or can be) than victim/violator, either you used a safeword or you didn't, yes and no.

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