After a couple of obviously confused emails from men "just seeing" if I wanted to play with them and their "girlfriend", I have a couple of nibbles on a recently posted Craigslist ad. Only one, however, who makes the effort to 1) show she read my ad by referring to it and 2) spell. We'll see what else slips through the cracks.

The whole idea of this personal ad was to have a recent casual encounter hookup story. What does a sex worker who likes casual play with cute crazy chicks write for a personal ad? Well, here it is:
"Fierce Femme iso Sensual Sleaze
Idle hands are the devil's playthings. So I'd like to put them to use, along with my tongue, my creativity, and my toybox. Up for it?

I'd love to meet someone 22-35, though I'm flexible. I appreciate and adore butches and femmes alike- I love to top, with bondage, S/m, and D/s high on my list of erotic enjoyments. Extra points if you like to get a bit edgy- dark whispered words with steel at your throat, or some cling film wrapped around you, leaving you in helpless cocoon... or, if the chemistry's right, maybe we can switcheroo..?

I'm an hourglass shaped girl with long pink/red hair, glasses, and a geeky brain. I have xkcd tattoos. I prefer women who have a geeky side to them, but it's certainly not a requirement. Be warned, though- I break pillow princesses.

My living situation means I can't host, unfortunately (I keep house for my grandmother). However, maybe that means we have to get creative- hot tubs, an alleyway, a bar bathroom? I'm up for it if you are.

I'll bring the gloves, the lube, and the rope. You bring clear communication... and a sense of adventure. "

What do you think? Would you answer it?
All things considered, I'm kinda hoping I end up with one or two hot dates out of this. It's been a while since I made someone cry, and, well. You begin to wonder if you lost your touch.
I'd better watch out for Julie Bindel, though! I mean, goodness, I might SPANK these women! I might even tie them up! Or *gasp! shock! horror!* USE A DILDO.
I'll be sleeping with one eye open, just in case. I guess as a "traitor to the side" I have to. It's a filthy job, but...

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