"panic on the streets of London"

Well, it's been about a month since my last confess... oh, no, wait, that's not right.

I've done it at last- I've moved to London! And I'm getting married tomorrow! Holy shit!

Let's see, to catch up-

-went to Vegas with Vapours, which was fun in some ways and hard in others. Sadly our relationship didn't survive the trip- but our friendship has, so that's good. Mono and I also split up, which was painful, but necessary for both of our emotional well being. I think it was hard for them both that I was moving to London, and that there's so much I don't click with in San Francisco, that they felt rejected... and that sucks, but I truly feel that my life is here, in London, in so many ways. So... yeah.

-I had my 26th birthday, complete with fantastic red velvet cake, Apples to Apples, and a bunch of amazing lovely friends. I blew out my candles and felt really really happy. Then I went to my last San Francisco Kinky Salon and had a great time, and a great sendoff. <3

-So this boy I had been interested in for a while came to my birthday party. Very cute, just the right amount of muscle, kinda queer, artistic, burner, reads, mathy, geeky, kinky, poly...! Amazing. So we had dinner. And we had an amazing night/morning/afternoon, full of biting and bruising and kisses and snuggles and giggles and awkward topping... topped off with a forked.tongue. which I'm still totally not over. I spent the night with him the night before I left, and totally cemented a huge crush. And so, we discussed what ailment he should be, and.... hydrargyria, of course. Obviously I like to be torn between two countries! But oh. He's worth feeling torn over. For sure.

-La, my girlfriend out here in London, has been having a rough time of it and I've been trying to be supportive and help her out. She's a lovely girl who's just lost her way and lost some hope, I think. So, please, send some <3 my way and I'll redirect it to her, yeah? She can use some positive energy boosts.

-Back in London, I went with a friend of mine from SF to a psychobilly concert- totally moshed in my femmewear, heels and all, and am only now recovering fully from the sore thighs. Mmm. Just what I needed to get some aggro/anxiety out! Had a blast hanging out with him, as he's known me for a really long time- it's always nice to hear from someone how much you've progressed. It made me feel really proud.

-And, the big news- tonight is my stag party (did you think I was going to have a hen party? I mean really) and then tomorrow... I'm getting married. Yikes! I'm excited for this new stage in my life, and terrified, too. The idea that at this time tomorrow I will be a married woman is just totally crazy. O.o

For now, that'll have to do- I'll get back to politics and stuff once this wedding is out of the way!!

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