Kitty Stryker, Mistress of Motherboards!

I'm SO freaking pleased with myself right now.

Water got spilled over the router and my laptop, thanks to an over-excited cat and a mobile phone that startled him. I was freaked out, especially as I do a fair amount of work on the computer and I was worried my laptop had seen its last. I have loads of photos, and old writing, a lot of stuff really on the old girl and I didn't want her to fall apart on me now!

I had, a year or two ago, spilled soda in there, and I got worried that the water would make the soda squish around and get all sticky. So, I looked on google about what to do, and I read a few places that it was important to open the laptop and dry the pieces separately (or at least check them for damage).

I had never done this before, but decided that doing something with my hands would help my anxiety and went for it.

And I wiped some brown goo off bits of the computer! I helped remove goo! I not only took the little bits apart but put them back in order! I feel very proud of myself, because, as a geek, not having fiddled with computers made me feel like a bit of a poseur. Now, I have Done It.

It's a bit silly to feel this excited about it, but I truly feel proud.

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