Kitty- 1, the boy- 1

So football isn't really a sport I get into. I'm more of a World Beard and Moustache Championships girl myself. However, for whatever reason, the boy and I decided to bet on the outcome of the UK vs US match. Winner got the submissive scene of their choice. Not a bad deal, right?

Well, as there was a tie, we decided to do both scenes.

Each one was a scene we wanted to do more of but our partner hadn't quite gotten to it yet- for him, of course, it was a sweet ageplay scene, around bedtime, complete with diaper ritual and reading my little boy a story. I wanted to experiment with doing it from the Mummy side, as well, so lots of new stuff! My scene was a bit darker- a Daddy/girl thing where my Daddy would show me who was boss and give me some rough sex while I was bound. He is, I think, often intimidated by being the Dom, so this was pushing his comfort zone a bit too.

Both scenes went really well, overall, in their own ways.

With his, we got things together- baby powder, a storybook, lotion, a diaper, his footed sleeper, a pacifier, a stuffed animal. We also made sure he had some water in his sippie cup before bed, and he took his contacts out so he couldn't see very well. Then I had him show me how to put the diaper on him- which I actually found to be more... I dunno. Bonding than I expected it to be, I guess. Dusting him lightly with the baby powder, then rubbing him tenderly with lotion... it was kind of sweet, and taking care of him in a way I tend to shy away from taking care of people. But it was nice. I found that I liked the ritual of the diaper more than I cared for the diaper itself, as an object- like putting a collar on a kneeling submissive, it set the scene and allowed us both a minute to get into the headspace, away from the day-to-day.

Then I stuck the tabs on and helped him into his footed sleeper, patting the bed next to me and inviting him to crawl into bed with Mummy and hear the book "The Boy Who Cried Fabulous" read to him. He's quite a good little boy when he's in this headspace, which in some ways makes it easier, but sometimes means it's a bit far away from my experience with daycare, where kids whine about naps and say they aren't hungry when they are, etc. Anyway, he responded very well, and because he couldn't read the book, he HAD to listen to me, he couldn't read it over my shoulder- which, again, was sort of intoxicating, knowing he depended on me for it. After the story, we snuggled and I shut the light off for us to go to bed, surprised that I didn't really mind when he called me Mummy. Having read Lee Harrington's essay in the Power Exchange Guide to Ageplay about tough, ass-kicking, non-gender-conforming Mummies I think helped me get in touch with my inner Mummy side.

The next day, though, it still felt weird waking up to him in a nappy. All the other bits I can deal with, I'm finding- the footed sleeper reminds me of my Burner friends, for example, not too off the beaten path, and pacis, well, um, the rave scene kinda covered that one. Nappies, though, still feel taboo and a bit strange, and in the morning, I just felt like I wanted my boyfriend (and my boyfriend's cock) back. We talked about it a bit, and had some nice sexy time, and I felt better. It also helped that the next day I was able to play the little girl role when we went to Whitstable, so I got my own time to be pampered. I think when we do it that way, where I get an immediate head-petting of my own, I feel better about it. I'm interested in trying it again, but I keep feeling like there needs to be more stuff to do- or I need to be able to put a Disney movie on and have him entertain himself!

Read his side of things here at his blog! I'm quite pleased it went well for him too.

As a side note- I found the Power Exchange Guide to Ageplay to be fabulous. I read a review by Penny saying how you could find all this info online for free, and it was formatted poorly, and frankly, yeah, the formatting and the grammar/spelling was dreadful. Don't even get me started on the photo! HOWEVER, that said, it covered the parental side of the interaction, and not just in a straight way, which is hugely different than stuff I've been finding- and believe me, I've been looking! So I think it's not the resource it could be (and I desperately want to see another book on this subject, preferably edited by someone like me, who is curious but doesn't fully get it, as I think we're the ones who need a resource like "when someone you love is..."! If you're interested in seeing this happen, contact me, yeah??) but it's not a bad place to start. And it's a lot better than Diaperspace.

Anyway. So then came my scene, a Daddy/girl scene that was going to be, in my head when I proposed it, all about the bondage and spankings and slappings and tears. But when it came time, I just wanted to be Daddy's good little girl, and do as he said, and be told how precious and special I was. Granted, I still wanted the bondage, but when the boy asked if I'd stay put I said "anything for you, Daddy" and really meant it. I like being good, I've found. I've always preferred discipline to punishment and I guess this scene was really mostly about me feeling sexy, loved, and cherished. And, not surprisingly considering the current instability I've had in my "real life", I wanted to be told that he'd be there for me forever. The idea of having something to hold onto, some stability, was what I really clung to from the experience.

Oh, well. There was also some incredible fisting. ::grin:: That helped my anxiety a lot- I slept so soundly after that!!

All in all, the sexual favour betting on football? I'm a fan.

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