kissing in Soho

Photo from The Lost Boy

I dressed up as Faggette the Clown yesterday for the kiss-in at the John Snow pub.

I was saddened to hear that the landlady at the John Snow had told two men kissing on their first date to leave because it was "obscene"- not only that, but it was kicked off by some guy claiming to be the landlord (but wasn't) who first told them off for kissing and then complained at the bar. And then manhandled one of them trying to get them out.

What, could he not look away? And what year is this anyway? The John Snow, for those unfamiliar, is on the edge of Soho in central London, for fuck's sake. It's not exactly a gay-free zone.

Photo from Facebook

A lot of people said that maybe the John Snow is just generally anti-PDA- could anyone definitively say that the landlady wouldn't kick out a straight couple snogging? Actually, yes, I can. Because back when I was dating TB (later renamed Sh) the John Snow was basically local to us, and I went in there a lot. I made out with him there, definitely, without any issues, and went on several dates with girls in there, and we made out as well. I was even in there a couple weeks ago with the boy and we kissed. So all that was ok, heterosexual kissing, lesbian kissing. Just not gay male kissing. Well, that sounds like good old fashioned homophobia to me. Simples.

It's especially offensive that neither the license-holder or the Samuel Smith reps have apologized or even taken the stance that it was a misunderstanding. That just makes it even more clear that they seem to think it's ok to pick and choose for whom the "rules" apply. Fail.

Photo from Harry M

Considering the amount of homophobia that's been going around, this is really more, to me, than just fighting for the right to kiss who you like in public. This is about refusing to be put back in the closets, to fight against being told that being queer is just a bedroom issue. I'm not just queer when I'm in bed- I'm queer all the time.

And sorry, straights, if that scares you, or bothers you.

But you know what?

Too fucking bad. :)

Photo from The Lost Boy

See more photos of the event on Flickr by looking up JohnSnow, and read more about what happened here or here. Also read up on why the emphasis on the John Snow not being a "gay pub" is an issue here.

There will be another Kiss-In at the John Snow on the 21st
It's for queers and allies, bisexuals, gays, lesbians, even you weird unnatural straight people! ;) Kiss-ins are fun, so if you're around, go! 
Chew gum instead of brushing teeth before- brushing your teeth can lead to tiny cuts in your mouth making you a slightly greater risk for herpes. 

Kiss safe! ;)

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