Inventory of a Pervert- Sex Toys Edition

So C and I have a toy chest, in which I put all of the sex and BDSM toys. Some of the toys I have as sex toys may seem more like kinky toys to you all, but I'm basically splitting it into "things that are likely to get genitalia juice on it" and "things that are less likely to do so". I, being a Capricorn and probably a little over-zealous when I feel like organizing something, decided it was time to go through the chest and sort it out again. I do this every once in a while, but this time, I made a toy list for my sex toys for easy referencing. As it's all written on a piece of paper that may or may not disappear into the chest, I decided to type it out here. Who knows? You might see something you're curious about, or something new.

So, without further ado:

The Sex Toy List

Dildos, large-
-Grim Reaper
-pink thick
-inflatable, medium size
-Nexus double dildo, medium

Dildos, regular-
-light pink
-light pink g curve
-black thick
-black thinner
-red beginners
-purple medium

Anal Toys-
-gemstone metal plug, rainbow medium
-gemstone metal plug, pink large
-silicone anal beads, small
-silicone anal beads, medium
-p-spot plug, medium
-blue plug, medium/large
-baby Jesus plug

-Ideal vibe
-vibrating eggs, 4
-USB egg with extra bits
-penetrative vibe, blue medium
-penetrative vibe, pink large
-magic finger vibe
-waterproof travel vibe
-mini bullets, 2, with extra bits
-rock chick
-kegel balls, silicone
-kegel balls, metal, 4
-clit pump with vibe

Safer Sex/Playful Sex-
-huge variety of condoms
-assorted lubes- glycerin free, tingling, organic, silicone, water based
-Flower Balm
-black latex gloves
-regular latex gloves
-blue nitrite gloves
-Good Vibes wipes
-edible body paint
-toy cleaner
-massage lotion and oil
-Tickle Her Pink gel

-leather strap on harness
-packing dildo
-cock rings- rubber and metal
-gates of Hell, leather
-inflatable ball gag with 6" dildo on other side, rubber

Things that are conspicuously missing-
-dental dams
-a Rabbit of some sort
-smaller butt plugs
-glass toys
-another harness

So there you go- that's what I have in my sex toy section of the chest- stay tuned for the kinky toys side!


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