I left my exhibitionistic streak in SF

Sometimes, I miss San Francisco. Often, it's when I'm looking at the blog Nude in SF, an awesome site with a bunch of naked women wandering through San Francisco. I particularly enjoy the photos of Marie on there, who looks impish and lovely, almost always half cracking a smile.

But even more than the girls, who are very pretty and look like they're quite enjoying themselves (a big turn on as well as creating some cute photos), is the fact that the passersby really express to me San Francisco's attitude.

There aren't big crowds of men around these girls. There's no pointing that I saw, no real judgment- the expressions you see are more "Huh. Naked girl," than "OMFG NAKED GIRL WHAT??" That's really cool. And the girls aren't posed, they're just doing their thing, walking around the city they love.

And I remember why I love it.

I love a city where you can do that and it's ok. In fact, people don't bat an eye.

And while I like attention as much as the next exhibitionist, sometimes it's nice to be free to be naked, or even just sexy, and not be worried about being attacked. Sometimes it's nice to just be yourself without it being a performance for everyone around you. And this site really gives that natural nudity that I miss so much.

Til I get home, I'll just flip through the photos and sigh dreamily.

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