gnashing of teeth

First and foremost- you see this thing? Do you see it??
I want one. SO BADLY.
It's like a pretty little cocoon!
I want to play in it.
And I want to put a sexy young thing in it and have them writhe around for me... mmm.
I've been seeing little trinkets I want to decorate lovers in, little silver chains and jewels for their cocks and labia...
And, amusingly enough, I was just watching America's Funniest Home Videos with Grandma... and there's a video with a woman who takes her video camera and she won't let her husband into the house or car until he does a little dance for her... in public, at home, anytime. I love it. I don't know why exactly that juices me up, but it totally hit my kink buzzer. Probably because it's controlling but also ridiculous.
I am chomping at the bit to buy some new toys and play again. I miss work, and the variety of temptations and scenarios I got to come up with every week. I mean, I'm sort of glad I've had enough time off to miss it instead of being sick of it like I had been... but I'm ready for the kink celibacy to be over now plz!
It's not entirely true, this whining. Mono and I get to do a little slap and sexin' here and there. which is nice... I do wonder sometimes if there's something severely wrong with me that I get off the more my lover looks like he's pissed at me while we're fucking, but never mind. I had a chance to play with Vapors, a friend and possible new play partner, but... I dunno what blocked me. I guess it's also nice to hang out, and that's what I needed then.
But with Folsom coming up, I want to do something fun. Kinky. Public. I want to fist a girl on the sidewalk. Or whip a boy's back til he looks like Christ after the Romans. Except I don't think my whip would go that deep.
Rawr. RAWR! The Beast wants out! So watch out for me at Folsom... I might have a gleam in my eye.

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