Giveaway: Silicone Rose Vibe! (congrats to Katie, our winner!)

Subtle, right?

So you know that nifty vibrator that looks like a rose in a vase? The one I reviewed not long ago?

I have another one to giveaway, courtesy of Babeland Toys. Yay! It's my first giveaway- and it's open to those in the US, UK, and Canada (sorry everyone else! I'm using my gift card to cover shipping if you're in Canada or the UK, and that's all I can afford).

This is a fabulous toy, and I'm hard to please, especially with novelty toys. But this not only looks pretty, it has a vibrating silicone rosebud, a bendable stem, and a battery pack neatly hidden in a vase-like base. It's fantastic for using for partner sex, as you can sculpt it to fit between bodies- ideal if you've been reading my threesome guide and want to make it both super sexy and romantic (or if you want to try coffin sex- limited room means flexibility is a plus!). 

It's also great for people who might have difficulties with other vibrators due to disabilities, as you can make the shape ideal for what's comfy for you. The push buttons on this vibrator are also easy to use even if your fingers are slippery.

Want it, don't you? It doesn't have to be a present for Valentine's Day, though it'd work well with some baby's breath and a ribbon, maybe accompanying some chocolate. Any romantic situation will do- and hey, if you spend over $50 at Babeland, you can get a free 1oz body chocolate, so whether your tastes are slightly odd, a little evil, or mutually satisfying, you might wanna browse around.

But here, I'm getting distracted. 

I'm doing a contest here, people!

Sorry, but this giveaway is for a new toy ;)

So I'm going to be all Domme on you now and tell you that if you want to be entered into this contest, and you're doing the bonus entries, you have to comment ON THIS POST and tell me what you did, with links if possible. Only entries doing this will be counted. Additionally, if you do bonus entries please let me know what email address to count them under. Make giving things to you easy on me, ok? ;)

How do you win this sexy sexy thing?

MANDATORY ENTRY: -Visit Babeland and tell me another toy you would use with this one for a perfect Valentine's Day. This will only count once, for 1 entry, and MUST CONTAIN A WAY TO REACH YOU. If you don't, then you'll just have to keep reading this blog for the winner! :P


-Tweet about this contest! You get one entry per day.
You can copy/paste this tweet: Enter to win a Silicone Rose Vibe from @kittystryker and @Babeland_Toys http://tinyurl.com/rosegiveaway Go here for details!

Or come up with one of your own. But you MUST include a link to the contest as well as @kittystryker and @Babeland_Toys in your tweet, or I won't be able to count it.

-Become a fan of  http://www.facebook.com/Babeland.Toys (1 entry) PS- this has a bonus for you, as they're giving away a luxurious JimmyJane toy when they get 3000 followers!

-Leave a reasonable comment on either any of my blog posts or any of my toy reviews.  This comment can’t be a one word comment, or the same comment on several entries.  (No limit, but if you’re posting useless (I.E. one word or the same comment on each entry) comments, you won’t get credit- 1 entry per comment).
-Do a link exchange with me: (3 entries)
-Write a blog post about the contest including a link back to this entry (you can only do this once): (10 entries)
This contest will end Feb 1st at noon PST, and I'll announce the winner Feb 2nd via this blog and my Twitter feed. That means you should get this toy in time for V-Day, if you so desire!
Fly my pretties! And one of you will win this awesome toy!

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