filming with Pampered Penny

I was supposed to film some AB/DL smut with the lovely (and super cute) Miss Penny Barber last Saturday- I rented a car and everything (like an adult!) only to discover myself trapped in 2 1/2 hour traffic thanks to a jumper on the bridge. Ah well.

So we rescheduled for Sunday, and she even came and picked me up! We got to chat in the car, which was nice- we talked about lots of different things, from fetishes to work to driving. I was kind of excited and kind of nervous, as AB/DL isn't something I've always had the easiest time with. I suspect that as a fat woman who has empathy, I get placed into the Mommy role all too often by lovers and friends! But I've found myself enjoying it more and more, and thinking about it more, and I definitely learned some new aspects to my AB/DL top side by having this experience.

The scenario involved me playing a nurse- a role I hadn't really experienced before in this way, mostly in medical play scenarios. I brought along a fetishy nurse outfit, but it was definitely not right for the scene we were doing.

So instead I wore a long dress, my thin cardigan buttoned and my hair pulled up out of my face. I became a governess/disciplinarian type of nurse, called in to create structure and discipline for the unruly Penny. And was she ever unruly! Talking back, pouting, lots of sighing and carrying on. I was kind of surprised at how easily I slid into the strict governess role, scolding her and instructing her to call me "Nurse Stryker". There was some face slapping, some face grabbing, some forced stripping, some caning. It was incredibly fun, and I really got into it, even with us having to reposition the camera for another angle! Calling her "young lady" all the while and telling her what a trial she was and how, if she didn't mind me, she would have to go to The Camp, where they would not be NEARLY as kind as I was. Hot. I loved grabbing her by the ear to drag her into another room, giving her a physical exam and taking her temperature anally... then marching her into the other room, making her sit and be quiet as I filled up her enema bag...

More images and videos here!

Now enemas are not something I know lots about either. The delicately peppermint scented water was a new experience for me. But again, I found myself go from being unsure to feeling wickedly sadistic about it. I quite enjoyed filling her up and then wrapping a diaper around her "just in case". I hadn't diapered a girl before, and it was super, super hot, powdering her up and giving a couple of extra little slaps and pats to the process. It certainly helps putting a diaper on the woman who wrote the book on AB/DL... literally!

Eventually I locked her in a cage to think about what she'd done. Amusingly, that's totally something I would do! Seeing her squirm around in there making a fuss and crying out for me as I walked away got me pretty turned on. Who knew I could get into this to such an extent?

Also, read Penny's blog, which has some great insight and information

So what worked for me? I think the fact I wasn't a nurturing Mummy, but a strict, firm Nurse really worked for me. Penny even said I fell into the language really easily (maybe cause I heard a lot of "watch your mouth young lady" growing up). I also think it helped me that her character was an older one who was being forced into diapers and discipline "for her own good", rather than an adult baby per se. Using the diapers and the caning and the exam as structure and asserting my power was pretty hot.

I can't wait to see the results... and, well, there's a part two coming, along with a scene that my boy wrote for us to perform! Yay! I look forward to continuing to explore these caregiver roles and incorporating adult baby into my erotic life. I'm glad for that, as it's a step closer to finding a way for the boy and I to interact with AB/DL and him as a bottom, in a way that we both enjoy. And, well, it's no hardship to get to discipline Penny! I'll post a link when the video goes up, so keep an eye out!

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