Femme Fatale: A Valentine's Story

She lets her satin robe slide, ever so slowly, off her shoulders, letting you have a glimpse of burgundy lambskin strapped seductively to her curves. One finger, the nail deliciously painted to match the strap on harness, points wordlessly to the luxurious throw spread out over the bed, but her smile is wicked and eyes sparkling. You kneel on the bed and she wraps leather around your wrists, clipping them together behind your back. Then she pulls out the blindfold, kissing you on each eyelid before slipping you into darkness.

"Happy Valentine's Day, lover", she whispers in your ear, her hair brushing against your naked shoulders. Her fingers wind themselves into your hair, and she mischievously instructs you to stay...very...still... as you feel cold metal press against your neck...
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