declaration of interdependence..?

Ok, ok, so while I didn't particularly enjoy what I read of Belle de Jour's online stuff (as much as I kinda got off on the fact she was a scientist- hot stuff, that!), her first book has been quite entertaining, and I've generally liked the show

I'll admit, this book had me questioning being an independent sex worker- frankly I wonder if I'd get more work via an agency. But, what agency? And would they, like my horrible first domme job in Oakland California, end up treating me like shit as I'm a fat girl

Plus, would being with an agency mean less security, or more? Would it mean better clients, or less control? I see the possibility of it helping, especially as getting an incall space together hasn't been the easiest thing so I'm currently outcall only, but worry that not being independent would scare off guys who like the fact they speak to me directly. I don't really know enough girls in this business to know if one method is better or worse than another.

I quite enjoy the freedom I have as an independent, but it's been tough going. I advertise like a fiend, and the travel back and forth between here and San Francisco hasn't lent itself to consistent clients. I'm getting enough, but only just. I'm not entirely sure how to improve my presence.

In the meantime, thanks to a lovely client, here's uploads of my Time Out London page: the text, the photo, and the whole thing. Amusingly, when I mentioned brittle bones (I couldn't recall the name of the disorder), he was the client I was talking about- he emailed me and said: 

"I thought about adding a third page with a photo of the massive black bruise on my left buttock/hip you left me with to show how much care you took over my brittle bones (I won't let this rest - it really is too funny :) !), but unfortunately it appears 3d spacial dexterity is not my strong point, and I ended up with photos of my thumb, wheelchair and even, somewhat bizarrely, my bookcase, but none identifiably of my backside." 

He is an awesome client, seriously, and I can't wait to see him again. His sense of humour is totally infectious! 

So, as I sit and reflect on all this, I continue to update my profiles on various sites, wondering when it'll all turn around...

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